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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-05-27 16:47:10 –

Deputy prison officer in Newport, Kentucky — Campbell County Detention Center has faced two rape charges after authorities claimed to have raped two prisoners during a shift in prison.

Antonio Millick, 29, was arrested on Tuesday, and Campbell County prison officer James Daily said his employment in Millick’s detention center had ended. After Milrick was arrested, Daily said he had been quarantined from other inmates.

Two rapes occurred on May 22 at Central Avenue 601 at the Campbell County Detention Center in Newport, according to court documents.

According to court documents, while working as a deputy prison officer, at around 6:17 pm on May 22, “directly entered supervisory unit 5 and had sex with a prisoner who was taking care of him.”

In this case, the prisoner told the police that sexual intercourse had occurred and confirmed to the police that she and Mirick had exchanged text messages, according to court documents.

After searching Myrick’s phone, authorities found more text messages to other phone numbers belonging to the inmate, the document said. The name and number were edited from court documents, but states that up to eight prisoner accounts sent and received messages from Myrick’s number.

“The messages exchanged between this phone number and some of the inmates listed will discuss directly with each other whether they want to escape the sexual activity they want to perform,” the court document read.

According to the document, another prisoner came forward while authorities were investigating the alleged rape at 6:17 pm.

In that case, according to court documents, Mirick “entered quarantine room 307 and had sex with the prisoner who was taking care of him” around 3:13 pm on May 22nd.

Authorities also issued a search warrant for Myrick’s vehicle, but the document states that nothing was found.

Myrick holds $ 100,000 in bonds, of which $ 25,000 had to be paid in cash or $ 50,000 in assets. By Friday, Myrick had issued bail.

Daily said Myrick had no disciplinary action leading up to rape charges.

Daniel Schubert of Mabjish Law, a lawyer at Myrick, said he plans to “enthusiastically defend” his clients.

“The accusation against Mr. Milrick is only an allegation at this point,” Schubert said in a statement. “Mr. Millick is presumed to be innocent and has a constitutional right to offer a fair trial and defense. The prosecution is responsible for proving his guilty beyond reasonable doubt, unless he does so. , He remains innocent. We enthusiastically defend him. Milic, defend his constitutional rights and defend his innocence. “

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