Kentucky gas station is temporarily out of gas on Tuesday – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-05-11 23:05:27 –

Kentucky Cage County (LEX 18) — In Kentucky, the threat of gas shortages due to the closure of 5,500 pipelines is causing problems.

Pipeline closures haven’t had a significant impact on gas prices in Kentucky, experts say, but they still haven’t stopped people in Casey County from trying to store gas.

Liberty’s DailyMart was out of gas for several hours due to the surge in demand on Tuesday. Another business on the street limited sales at $ 20. Currently, prices in Kentucky are rising, just under $ 3 in the region, but experts say this is primarily for seasonal reasons, after people are trapped in their homes all year round. Demand is stagnant to prepare for the first trip. .. But the news about the pipeline seems to have surprised consumers.

“I had this one customer, and after he came and gave me $ 40, I came back for another $ 15. Probably short,” said Miradan Summers, an employee of Daily Mart. “If it’s not short today, it’s definitely short tomorrow and we’ll need another delivery.”

Experts say there is no fuel shortage and the last thing you should do is buy up gas as it can lead to shortages and price increases. Meanwhile, at DailyMart, the station sold $ 14,000 worth of fuel today, almost three times the average day.

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