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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-04-07 17:58:55 –

Frankfort, Kentucky (LEX 18) — States like Georgia are facing criticism of the new electoral system, but Kentucky is praised for its electoral reform.

“When many countries enacted more restrictive legislation, Kentucky legislators, or Kentucky leaders, gathered to support democracy and increase the opportunities for people to vote.” Governor Andy Beshear said.

Bescher signed House Building 574 at Frankfort Wednesday morning. This is a Democratic and Republican-backed measure.


  • Create a 3-day early face-to-face vote, including Saturday, without the need for excuses
  • Strengthen State Election Authority’s ability to remove non-residents from Kentucky’s voter roster
  • Create a trail of all ballots
  • Maintain an online portal for absentee ballots
  • Established voting center
  • Ban the harvest of votes
  • Keeps a signature treatment process that helps solve the absentee ballot problem

“Other states are involved in partisan division, but here in Kentucky, we are leading the country by facilitating voting and making cheating difficult,” Secretary of State Michael Adams said. ..

Prior to the pandemic, Kentucky had some of the country’s most restrictive voting methods. Even though HB 574 includes extensions, Kentucky’s voting law is considered more restrictive than those passed in other states. Some of the components of the bill are even more restrictive than those found in Georgia’s controversial law. However, some components are better than Georgian law.

So why is Kentucky praised and Georgia criticized?

Election law expert Josh Douglas told LEX 18 News that the important thing to consider is “the circumstances and goals of each.” Georgia’s motives have been questioned by many, but Kentucky’s motives are not. It was a bipartisan effort to make it easier for Kentucky citizens to vote.

Therefore, Kentucky’s voting law may not be where some people want, but Kentucky has taken steps to help people vote.

“Today, Kentucky citizens have increased access to ballot boxes. Do you want more access to this bill now? Yes, I think we need an absentee ballot without excuses. No worries about fraud. I think I’ve proved that I can significantly increase access to the ballot box. “Besser said.” But listen. This is a lot of fighting and gathering at least partially access to the ballot box. It’s an expandable session and a victory for Kentucky citizens. “

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