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Californians may be in the middle of a special election, but they should be seen fairly regularly to those who vote on Tuesday.

Election days in Kern County are very similar to the 2020 presidential election. Again, mail ballots have been sent to all registered voters, leaving almost all polling stations in the same place.

As with last year’s elections, voters who wish to vote directly must submit a mail ballot. Otherwise, you will be forced to vote provisionally. Voters can also post ballots to polling stations.

An interim vote is taken if you believe you are registered but your name is not on the registration list, or if you vote directly without submitting a mail ballot. The provisional ballot is placed in a special envelope and counted after the electoral authorities have registered the voter and confirmed that no two votes have been cast by the same voter.

“The easiest thing to do at this point is to vote for the ballot, and you can throw the ballot to any polling place,” said Mary Bedard, Kahn County Auditor and County Secretary. Says. “If you send it by mail, you need to postmark it (Tuesday).”

As of Monday, the county received about 120,000 votes, much like a normal election year. Mr Bedard said he wasn’t sure what the turnout would be on election day, or if there was a line at the polling place.

The site, designated exclusively for ballot drop-offs, is available from 7 am to 8 pm on the corner of Truxtun Avenue and N Street near the Courthouse.

The county administration building is also available to voters who want to vote directly for those in need.

visit If you want to vote directly, find a polling place. A mask is recommended, but not required. The county provides masks to those who want to wear them at polling sites.

Voting is open from 7am to 8pm

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Kern County prepares for gubernatorial recall Election Day | News Source link Kern County prepares for gubernatorial recall Election Day | News

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