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As another outcome of B3K’s prosperous economic development cooperation, Kern County could help fund a formal aerospace industry cluster this week that brings together public and private stakeholders in eastern Kern and northern Los Angeles County. You have submitted an extensive application for sexual federal funding.

A document sent to the U.S. Department of Economic Development on Tuesday proposes to give the county $ 200,750, starting at $ 25 million to help create what is called the Aerospace Valley Union. You can come up with a more robust second-stage demand of $ 75 million. Industrial cluster initiative.

The county application was probably one of 500 expected to come from communities across the country. Ultimately, only about 60 people are expected to receive money from the “Build Back Better Regional Challenge” of the Federal American Rescue Program. If Kahn’s bids dominate, the cluster is expected to receive additional financial support from the state, local government, and private sector.

Much of Phase 2 funding goes to workforce development efforts and the creation of physical spaces that support aerospace innovation and manufacturing. Ideally, use a shared wind tunnel to test new flying vehicles.

People involved in the application include government agencies in Kern and Los Angeles counties, as well as businesses and educational institutions, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Base, Edwards Air Force Base and Mojave Air Space Port.

Aerospace has long been considered one of Khan’s economic strengths. However, in the last decade, it has become recognized that other US regions, along with the neighboring Antelope Valley, have surpassed the county, diminishing expectations for local job creation.

Launched in early 2020, the B3K seems to breathe new life into the idea that eastern Khan and northern Los Angeles counties can stand together to compete with other regional clusters for quality employment. Aerospace is now one of the semi-dozen areas of energy in the broader sense, and B3K collaborators are seeing the potential to create products and services that can be exported outside the region.

Former Virgin Galactic CEO and chair of the Space Advisory Board of the Space Travel Company said Wednesday that he and others working on an industry cluster said this week’s application was only Phase 1 money. Instead, he said he thinks there is a good shot to win millions of dollars. A dollar award that may follow.

He said the application is explicitly supported by all parts of the community. “This is an innovation that the United States should build,” he said, which is also a good reason.

“I feel good and hope to succeed,” he said. He called the history of the so-called Aerospace Valley “one of the great innovation success stories of our country.”

Marek Gutmann, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who helped B3K shepherds, unleashed innovations within the region’s federal military bases and promoted industry interaction by formalizing clusters with federal funding. Said that a new talent pipeline could be implemented.

He said the project’s physical infrastructure, including the wind tunnel, would act as a business incubator providing a soft landing for innovative aerospace entrepreneurs.

What surprised him about this week’s application was the fact that the two counties worked together. This has rarely happened locally and could support efforts to build regional industrial clusters, he said.

Another notable aspect of the application was that federal investment catalyzed ongoing local investment rather than the money ultimately spent, and the initiative quickly failed.

According to the county’s 114-page application, the cluster will focus its world-leading aerospace innovation, testing, and manufacturing on hubs, “enterprises gaining access to specialized facilities and deep talent to commercialize and grow their ideas. Focuses on creating higher quality jobs and improving access across skill levels. To them. “

We continue to argue that funding the proposal will help more than people and businesses working in aerospace.

“Building on the potential of aerospace clusters is crucial to the diversification and long-term resilience of the region’s economy and is an important need that is exacerbated by the economic turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic.” It states.

Kern vies against other regions for aerospace cluster money | News Source link Kern vies against other regions for aerospace cluster money | News

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