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Cleveland, Ohio 2022-06-23 20:57:47 –

Savannah, Georgia (WSAV) — Today, all fingers are pointing to KFC, as the fried chicken chain has unveiled innovative tableware to help KFC lick all (literally) fingers. KFC’s new “tableware technology”, KFC Finger Spokes, aims to bring out the fun of a family dinner.

The KFC Finger Spokes are a new spin on the original spokes that KFC contributed to its popularity when Colonel Sanders adopted it as the tool of choice for all Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the early 1970s.

Features such as precise prong articulation, forward branding optimization, and spoke technology make it even more fun to scoop macaroni and cheese, extract the final corn kernel, and enjoy mashed potatoes.

To use, place your finger on the KFC Finger Spork, immerse your finger in your favorite KFC side item, and then lift the Finger Spork into your mouth.

KFC 90’s style infomercial To show how to use a good tool to lick a new finger — reminiscent of the era of scrunchie and boombox. Millennial parents will miss seeing a family change their diet from good to finger-licking!

“KFC finger spokes are designed to optimize KFC side consumption, but we’re waiting to see other creative uses you can think of, such as enhancing high fives, creating unique friendship bracelets, and playing. I can’t cut it. Sax, “KFC said in a press release.

KFC finger spokes are available for a limited time. From June 21st to July 12th, you can order KFC Sides Lovers Meal and receive two free KFC Finger Sporks at the KFC Mobile App,, or participating KFC locations. ..

Nick Chavez, CMO of KFCUS, said: For a good experience of optimal finger licking. “

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