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The Kahn High School District Boundary Committee has released a map of the three proposals and a June date schedule where the general public can comment on the changes.

The change in boundaries is spurred by the opening of Del Oro High School in the fall of 2022. Students who are immediately affected by the change are the 9th and 10th grades of Del Oro that year.

However, the process of redrawing this border is expected to be even more extensive, so parents of students in grade 9 in the fall of 2022 should also be aware of the borders proposed by the district.

Roger Sanchez, Head of Research and Planning for the Kahn High School District, recommends that parents attend public forums for a full presentation or submit their opinions below. Until July 16th.

Opening at the intersection of Panama Lane and Cottonwood Road, Del Oro High School aims to alleviate the overcrowding of Miramonte, Golden Valley and Irvine High Schools. These schools on the south and southeast sides of the city show the biggest boundary changes in the proposal.

But when the district began the process of redrawing the boundaries, it found that there was also overcrowding in Ridgeview and Highlands, Sanchez said.

The end result was major and minor changes at high schools in the three quadrants of the Bakersfield area. The northwestern quadrant is the only quadrant that is completely unaffected.

The two proposals will affect 12 high schools in Irvine, Bakersfield, East Bakersfield, Foothill, Golden Valley, Highland, Independence, Miramonte, North, South, Stockdale, Ridgeview and West. Plan 3 also changed the foothill boundaries.

An early draft of the Boundary Commission’s work was generally leaked to Sanchez’s regrets because of its incompleteness and incorrect data.

These maps mobilized parents living in areas designated as Bakersfield High School: Quailwood, Amberton, Stockdale Estate, Olde Stockdale, and Laurel Glen. These preliminary maps show what is known as the ladder being redrawn for Nishitaka. This pulled out a petition and a sign in the neighborhood.

Of the three suggestions, Plan 3 keeps the ladder completely intact. Plan 2 branches off from the southernmost tip of the ladder. Laurel Glen is divided into Stockdale High School in the north and Independent High School in the south. In Plan 1, the ladder is completely zoned for West High.

The proposal shows a change in the northeastern border. All three proposals show that the northern region of the river is zoned into Highland Highlands and North High is zoned. All three suggestions redraw where Highland High School, East Bakersfield High School, North High School, and Bakersfield High School meet, showing that borders are adjacent rather than checkered patterns.

All three plans have an interactive map. District website A place where the public can enter an address.

Sanchez said the process of deploying the map took some time as COVID-19’s social distance protocol delayed face-to-face meetings. However, he said the Commission is on track for the other deadlines outlined at the December 2020 Board meeting.

Based on feedback from the general public over the next few weeks, the Commission will announce its final plan in August. At that time, the inhabitants will have the opportunity to express their thoughts. The ultimate goal is to submit the final proposal to the board in September for approval and to notify the family of the student’s school attendance one year in advance.

KHSD releases maps of proposed boundary changes for fall 2022 | News Source link KHSD releases maps of proposed boundary changes for fall 2022 | News

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