Kia Carnival departs for the United States this summer

According to this morning’s story, the Kia Carnival will arrive on our beach sometime this summer as a 2022 model. Autoblog.. As posted in June, Kia Motors positions it as a Grand Utility Vehicle (GUV) so that it doesn’t look like it’s just another minivan.


The way or why minivans are stigmatized is as strange as the designation of soccer moms, and both have become somewhat derogatory over time. Perhaps that means domestication, and neither car makers nor cohabiting partners care about its portrayal unless it happens to be on the Hallmark Channel.

Anyway, the carnival is compared to the Toyota Sienna, but the Kia drivetrain is much more conventional than the one available in the Sienna. Compare the 3.5-liter V6 with a rating of 294 horsepower and torque of 261 lb-ft to a hybrid system of front-wheel drive and Kia’s 8-speed automatic transmission and two electric motors operating on 2.5-liter DOHC. 4 bangers that offer a whopping 245 HP burned to all Siennas.

With the highest complexity, Siena has adopted its Shinkansen styling and is the greenest of the current minivan crops to be awarded the 2021 Green Car of the Year Award. Let’s say you can get both GUVs for about $ 32,000 without stealing your colleague’s stolen base. However, with a variety of packages and amenities, you can recall registers fairly quickly. When the average vehicle price exceeds $ 40,000, the selling price doesn’t seem to matter, as US buyers seem to be okay with a higher down payment. Whether it’s a family motivation or a need for a luxurious pouch mobile, the Kia Carnival is worth the wait.

[Images: Kia, Toyota]

Kia Carnival departs for the United States this summer

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