Kia’s design boss will welcome the “open arms” pickup

Kia It seems to be moving towards the lucrative pickup segment in the United States.society Reportedly approved the project in 2019I haven’t seen the evidence yet, but the head of the design department recently said Work on a truck..

“you’re welcome [a pickup] Open your arms, “he said. Auto car..Kia’s legacy is certainly not rooted truckHowever, the company has demonstrated that it can enter new segments as needed (especially by releasing). Telluride), And sister companies Hyundai Discussed with Santa Cruz You don’t need decades of pickup manufacturing experience to enter the world of trucks.

Of course, the definition of pickup depends on who you ask and where you live. Habib seems to imply something that can be reliably sold in the United States. “It fits into our portfolio and brand. In the US pickup market, loyalty to existing brands is very high, but there is also room for another brand as new things are open. There may be. “

If you read between the lines, you’ll see that the rugged truck with the Kia badge is aiming. Ford F-150 The light waiting at the end of the production line is not immediately visible. He didn’t elaborate on what new things he would open. This is pure speculation, but he may be referring to a new interest in smaller American models. Ford Ranger When Heretic, Or the hype surrounding electric pickups.

There are several paths that Kia can take to reach the truck market. The fastest, easiest and cheapest Santa cruzGive it an exterior design like Kia and call it a good job done well. You can also design your model from scratch.Another interesting (and much more realistic in a grand plan of things) point worth raising is Kia’s Australian division. Requested a body-on-frame SUV from executives In the veins Chevrolet Tahoe.. If the project is approved, the architecture may also support Hyundai and Genesis badged models to split development costs. It also makes sense to put it under the truck.

There is no official one yet, but Kia seems to be watching the pickup segment.

Kia has manufactured trucks before, but it’s not the type you’ll find at the Salt Lake City Home Depot. In some markets, the company has been selling cab-forward pickups called Bongos (or K-series in some countries) since 1980.As shown above, it is purely Commercial vehicle, It was not developed with family carrying obligations in mind, but has been offered in several configurations, including single cab and double cab models.

Several factors keep Bongo away from our market. Chicken tax..Kia also explored the other side of the pickup spectrum when it was revealed. Soulstar concept 2009. There was no leap from the show floor to the showroom floor. As you travel back in time, you’ll come across KCV4 Mojave (pictured in the gallery above). this is, Unit..

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Kia’s design boss will welcome the “open arms” pickup

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