Kids rescued after hours inside hot car parked in Cleveland – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-13 18:53:17 –

Cleveland (WJW) — FOX 8I team I got a video showing the rescue of children who were left in a hot SUV for hours, and it shows the mother’s search. And I revealed the story behind it.

It happened along West 25th Street in Cleveland last month, and the video was just released to I-Team.

Police received a 911 call from an off-duty police officer.

“Parents left their children empty in the car, in the hot car,” he said. The coordinator responds with “Oh, my goodness.”

According to one report, people in the parking lot noticed that the children were left alone in the SUV in the hot sun. And I heard a child screaming through a cracked window.

“The girl was screaming for her mom and hanging from the window,” witnesses told police officers when they arrived. “So I’m a parent, so I walked to the car to make sure no one was in the car.”

Cleveland police camera footage

Witnesses opened the car door, where the chief officer said to the children: Are you guys okay? And a small voice reacts with “Yeah.”

According to police, two- and five-year-old girls were found and were in the car for three and a half hours. Records show that the mother was in a medical facility that provided plasma.

Workers at the facility told police that they had been here for at least two hours.

And when the officers put things together, they say, “I’ve been here since 7:30.” And another incredibly answers, “Did you come here from 7:30?”

When her mother appeared, she turned away from the officer trying to explain the situation.

“I turned off the vehicle with the windows open … and the kids … the bystanders were able to open the doors … let the kids drink water,” said a police officer.

The officer said, “It’s hot outside. You know what I’m saying, right?” And the mother said, “Oh, right? … I see.”

Police said the children were left with a front window cracked about 3 inches. In addition, the key was left in the ignition. The temperature on that day was about 79 degrees Celsius. However, as I have shown many times, the temperature inside the car with the windows open can quickly become dangerous.

Police arrested Tomesha Massey and charged her with endangering her child. She has been acquitted in court.

We went to her house and contacted her by phone for comment. But I had no luck.

And while witnesses couldn’t believe they found the child alone in the SUV, Massey couldn’t believe she was handcuffed.

She said, “Am I being arrested?” And “Am I detained?”

Child welfare workers in Kaiyahoga County are also participating. The county says the children are currently stationed with relatives outside the state.

Kids rescued after hours inside hot car parked in Cleveland Source link Kids rescued after hours inside hot car parked in Cleveland

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