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Join KIII and Coastal Bend Food Bank to help change our community and feed those in need of this holiday season.

Join Corpus Christi, Texas — KIII and Coastal Bend Food Bank to help change our community and feed those in need of this holiday season.

It’s time for “Share Your Christmas”, which is celebrating its 34th year. The food drive will take place on December 3rd Donations have already started online..

Your money is far ahead of what you think. You can buy up to 4 meals for only $ 1, so if you give $ 20, you’ll get 80 meals.

You can receive donations (both food and cash) at the food bank on Friday, December 3rd. They have holiday music and some goodies for visitors. You can also withdraw your donation with this year’s new sponsor, Hacienda Ford.

The Coastal Bend Blood Center made a large donation of over £ 1,700 in food on Friday morning.

There was also a special moment when a food bank-backed woman “prepaid” and donated $ 500! That money will provide 2,000 meals to those in need!

#ShareYourChristmas: Veronica Garcia recently said she received support from the Coastal Bend Food Bank. she…

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It’s important to note that unlike the last few years, HEB is no longer a partner of “Share Your Christmas”. So don’t try to go there to buy a donation bag like you used to.

But students are still asking for help as usual. Schools in 11 counties work hard to raise money and food donations for food banks. The school that raises the most wins the $ 800 grand prize.

Supply chain problems and inflation have made the food bank situation even more difficult this year. Bea Hanson, executive director of the Coastal Bend Food Bank, says grocery stores are struggling to keep up with their inventory and Food Bank is receiving less donations.

“At this point, the future is unpredictable,” Hanson said. “But with the community supporting us, we are confident that we will be able to maintain the same amount of donations as before.”

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