Killer dubbed “Hollywood Ripper” sentenced to death for double murder | US News

A man called “Hollywood Ripper” was sentenced to death for a burglary of two women and a third attempted murder in a very late case dating back 20 years.

The victim’s family cried when Judge Larry Fiddler of the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled 45-year-old Michael Thomas Garjuro on Friday.

“Everywhere Mr Gargiuro went, death and destruction followed him,” Fidler said in a full-day hearing.

Garjiuro’s case was one of his victims Actor Ashton Kutcher testified at the 2019 trial..

The decision, delayed by procedural issues and pandemics, came almost two years after the jury convicted Gargiuro and recommended his execution.

Gargiuro was convicted in 2001 at his Hollywood home of being killed when 22-year-old fashion design student Ashley Elerin was preparing to go out with Katcher. At the trial, Katcher said he was late to pick up Erelyn, who didn’t answer the door.

He looked inside and saw a blood stain that he thought was a spilled wine. Prosecutors used him in closing arguments, suggesting that Elerin was killed by another man who was jealous of Katcher.

Ellerin was found in 47 puncture wounds.

Father Michael Elerin who visited his daughter from the north California He was one of the relatives of several victims who spoke at a hearing of their suffering while they waited for justice for years, hours before she was killed.

He said he wanted to imitate his wife Cynthia’s “screams and primitive mourning after learning that Ashley had been murdered.”

“It marked the beginning of a changed, weakened, tragic life,” he said.

Gargiuro was also convicted of the murder of his four mothers, 32-year-old Maria Bruno, at his home in El Monte, eastern Los Angeles, in 2005.

In addition, he was found guilty of attempted murder of Michelle Murphy, who repelled him in Santa Monica’s apartment in 2008, and was forced to flee, leaving a mark of blood. Murphy was an important witness to the trial.

“To this day, spending the night alone creates a world of horror for me,” Murphy said in court before the ruling.

She cried while talking about meeting a family of two women who did not survive the attack.

“How fair is it that one person’s actions can destroy the lives of many?” She said.

Former air conditioner and heater repairman, security guard, and ambitious actor Garjuro, who was called the Hollywood Ripper, lived near the stalking victims, so the prosecutor said, “Boy Next Door.” Also known as the “killer”.

Prior to the ruling, he was angry and complained that his lawyer was preventing him from standing in his defense.

“I’m going to go to death row injustice and unjustly,” said Gargiuro, who was sitting in court in orange prison dress and face mask and did not respond visibly to his decision. Told.

“I wanted to testify, but my basic choice was hampered.”

Gargiuro was unlikely to be sentenced to death immediately. No one has been executed in California since 2006, and Governor Gavin Newsom has suspended executions for as long as he is in office. However, the court has assumed that executions may someday be resumed.

Gargiuro was expected to be handed over to his hometown of Illinois after murdering Tricia Pacaccio in 1993.

His California trial prosecutor was allowed to establish a pattern and present extensive evidence from the case when attempting to present Gargiuro as a serial killer.

Killer dubbed “Hollywood Ripper” sentenced to death for double murder | US News

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