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Pawhuska, Oklahoma-Hollywood has arrived in Osage County.

At the Constantine Theater in Pawhuska, you can take pictures with cardboard cutouts of Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s not a real actor, but they are in an area working on the “Flower Moon Killer”.

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Dennis Webster, owner of the Sunset Ridge Gallery, said:

Filmmaking dating Pofukusa back to the early 1920s, such as train stations, railroad tracks, and the façade of the building, Kiecca Avenue, is a daunting task.

This Saturday is Kihekah Ave. This is the last day that some companies in Japan are open for two and a half months. Filmmaking is closing 600 and 700 blocks of the street to prepare for filming. They fill the road with soil and redo the storefront, including Webster. She said she was compensated for the closure.

“They will set up both in different businesses they decide on, and so they get customers in and out as if it were a viable business,” Webster said.

Filmmaking is just one part of Pawhuska’s revitalization.

“Literally, in the last few years we’ve seen the city flourish in front of us,” said Joni Nash, secretary-general of the Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce.

Its growth is primarily due to pioneer woman Ree Drummond and her restaurant and shop The Mercantile, which opened in 2016. People from all over the world are now visiting.

“Saturday, it was very quiet around here. It would be hard to find 3-4 cars in downtown. Saturday is busy now. You can’t find a parking lot, that’s great. The business is open. The stores are open. The town has a new glow. “

Webster opened her store three years ago after seeing the growth of a small town. Now in the movie, she’s looking forward to what’s ahead.

“Ree Drummond is a big economic boom for Pawhuska, but now she’s in the movies. It’s a great blessing,” she said.

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‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ transforming Pawhuska, adds to growth of city Source link ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ transforming Pawhuska, adds to growth of city

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