Kim Kardashian Drops More Tips About The Meaning Of Met Gala Costumes

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Met Gala went back and forth, Kim Kardashian Ensembles are still a hot topic.In rare cases you missed something unforgettable Red carpet momentThe founder of Skims arrived at the event on Monday, September 13th, in a black Balenciaga bodysuit that completely covered her, including her face, from head to toe.

NS Polarized fashion choice Seems to have been inspired by her estranged husband Kanye West Next album, Donda.. Kardashian continues to support him during his divorce by attending listening parties and other dressed outings. — A similar black outfit.

Kim Kardashian Offers New Description of Met Gala Costume

Kim Kardashian. Stephen Lovekin / Shutterstock

Kardashian has not yet dealt with style statement connections Donda On social media. Instead, she claims to have taken a very literal approach to this year’s theme, “In America: Fashion Dictionaries.” for example, Instagram caption About her Met Gala look, she writes, “What is an American from head to toe in a T-shirt ?!”

But apparently, there’s more to it than it looks. On Wednesday, September 15th, a cosmetologist participated in her Instagram story, giving 253 million Instagram followers insight into costumes. She did so by reposting the various outlets that made up the description of her fashion statement.

First, she reposted trend An article by Kardashian stating that he “rewrote the rules for the red carpet.” Janel Okwodu, Senior Fashion & Culture Editor at Outlet, wrote:The appearance that completely obscures her character and famous physique gave the reality star something she didn’t have for a long time: anonymity. “

The second thing Kardashian reposted was a tweet like this: That is American culture. “

Finally, she reposted the Instagram story from Fashion Watchdog Diet prada “When you are so famous, you can literally make’anonymous’look your new look. Say what you want about her new direction, but it’s definitely not boring.” Touché!

Take out? NS Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Alum’s Met Gala choice may be wild, but no matter how elusive it is, it definitely makes sense behind it.

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Kim Kardashian Drops More Tips About The Meaning Of Met Gala Costumes

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