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After living in velor tracksuits in mid-August, Kim Kardashian is determined to bring the look back. She relived her famous 2007 pink tracksuit photo atop a luxury SUV in her new SKIMS outfit.

To celebrate its 40 years, Kim kardashian brings back the wardrobe staple from her mid-20s. Her brand SKIMS solutionwear will drop a line of velor tracksuits for her birthday on October 21, which the mother of four wore religiously in the mid-2000s on her way to worldwide fame. Kim reminds fans how far she’s come from when she took a deliciously cheesy 2007 photoshoot in a pink velor tracksuit atop a Range Rover, recreating the iconic flashback snap.

Kim started showing off the first looks from her velvet tracksuit collection in a photoshoot on October 15 with her best friend from the start, Paris Hilton, 39. The next day, a fan begged her via Twitter to make a 2020 updated version of the photo showing her stretched out in the pastel pink hoodie and pocketed sweatpants. Kim must have read the user’s mind, as she reposted the tweet and wrote, “Oh, wait.”

Half an hour later, Kim tweeted a photo of herself in a gray velor SKIMS tracksuit, posed on the front of a matching silver Range Rover. She had obviously wanted to recreate the iconic photo, and fan demand was the perfect time for her to post it. Kim looked just as amazing if not better than in 2007, and was really proud of it!

Kim announced in her tweet: “The major vibes of the 2000s! We bring Velor back and make it softer and more luxurious than ever. The new SKIMS Velor collection will launch on Wednesday, October 21 at 9am PT / 12PM ET. Join the waiting list now for early access to the store before Velor sells out. October 21 happens to be Kim’s 40th birthday, so rocking an outfit she made at 27 and making it look fresh and new is a great gift for the bottom line of her SKIMS business.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian models velor tracksuits from Kim’s SKIMS on October 15, 2020. Photo credit: SKIMS.

Kim and Paris first presented the new SKIMS velvet line by heading to a real gas station with a photographer. There, the ladies took their paparazzi stroll as they once did through the boutiques of Robertson Blvd, all while modeling the updated tracksuits. Kim looked glamorous in a lavender scoop neck sleeveless top and matching pants, while Paris wore a pink velvet cropped top with wide leg sweatpants. All that was missing was the heiress’s beloved chihuahua Tinker Bell, and that would have been a complete double take for 2006!

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