Kim Kardashian’s “Dream Guy” Sketch, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer-Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian had a herd of handsome men to choose from in this “single” parody, including Tyler Cameron, Chace Crawford, John Cena and Jesse Williams!

After years of spoofing Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family, Saturday night live Finally welcome Kim Kardashian, 40, to Studio 8H.Reality stars brought laughter with lots of sketches, including a spectacular star-studded version single Dubbed as “a man like a dream”.In the sketch, blonde-haired Kim (going by the name Rochelle) tried to find her husband in a roster of handsome A-Listers, including: Chris Rock, Jesse Williams, John Cena, Chace Crawford, When Tyler Cameron!!

Kim Kardashian’s list of suitors. (NBC)

“I have no doubt in my heart. my husband It’s in this room. In fact, I wish I could marry each of you, but that would be too many husbands, “Kim in a yellow dress told her candidate on stage. She then called each one and received a token indicating that she had done the next round. At first? Track!

Amy Schumer makes a surprise appearance! (NBC)

“Chase-I didn’t have much fun with the cart I went with you-Thank you for telling me about your hit show gossip Girl“Kim nervously received the token from her and told him.The next time I made the list was in real life single Athletes Tyler she thanked him for his “hot body” (he then argued that he would see her “in a hot tub”). Then Chris Rock in a plaid blazer was summoned.

Kim Kardashian & Chris Rock
Kim issues a token to Chris Rock with a date sketch of “The Dream Guy”. (NBC)

“Chris R-Thank you for letting me see your nine HBO specials when you sat next to me and spoke all the words,” she said in a completely neutral tone. ..Chris accepted tokens from reality stars and probably said they “should see” [Dave] Chapel Next time.. Kim’s Rochelle then added the following twist: Bachelor Viewers have never seen it!

“This may be the beginning of the rule, but I really got connected with one of the show’s producers. Amy S!” She declared: Amy Schumer I jumped out unexpectedly! “I’ve never dated a woman, but I feel …” she said before Amy cut her off and said she also had emotions.Finally, she chose Jesse Williams and John Cena and left Kyle Mooney“Zeek” in the dust.

“Jesse W-I never talked to you this week, but you’re the most fascinating person I’ve ever seen,” she explained. “John C-You are kind, compassionate, megajacked, very, very wealthy … I don’t like having a wife,” she thought. Shay Shariatzadeh.. John agreed that it was “very, very” fair, as Kim’s Rochelle said, “You need to understand your wife’s situation.”

Kim Kardashian’s “Dream Guy” Sketch, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer-Hollywood Life

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