Kim Kardashian’s grateful North is with her in Paris after the 2016 robbery – Hollywood Life

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Kim Kardashian And her daughter Northwest9, have been Twins everywhere Legendary paris Fashion week.. And, according to sources, it’s no coincidence that a charming mother-daughter duo was involved in the city of light together. The Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Icon, 41, has been influenced by her famous 2016 break-in with an armed robber in the same city, and her oldest child is Kanye West A source of comfort and stability.

Kim Kardashian Northwest
Kim Kardashian and his daughter Northwest. (Mega)

“Paris is always a difficult city, so Kim is very grateful to be able to welcome her to the north. Emotionally return For Kim, “said a source near the Kardashian family. HollywoodLife Exclusively. “She got over trauma Everything that happened to her, but she will never forget the robbery. North has provided Kim with great comfort, and she loves it every second. “

Friendship between Kim and daughter These days, they are fully exhibited as they appear side by side in very similar chic outfits. According to another source in another comment, North has a lot of her own fashion experience and is making good use of it! She said, “North has participated in many fashion shows over the years. She has been sitting in the front row since she was a baby, but now she’s old and crazy about her style. And I have a very good opinion about fashion“The source said HollywoodLife Exclusively.

“She definitely has her own eyes and real confidence in what she likes and dislikes. She always has something to say about what Kim is wearing, and Kim is actually her. She doesn’t always accept it, but she loves what they can tie it to. Fashion is in the blood of the North and she is Kanye. He was always encouraging her as she ran around the design studio and saw her dad forever immersed in the world, as North soon became her line. No one will be surprised. She is already very passionate about it. “A 9-year-old fashionista was seen on July 5th. Shake the iconic jacket What her rapper’s dad wore in 2008.

Kim Kardashian & Northwest
Kim Kardashian and Northwest wear matching nose piercings at 2022 Paris Fashion Week. (MEGA)

North was only three years old when her famous mother was struck by a gun for 10.8 million gorgeous jewels and robbed. Sixteen were later arrested for being involved in a notorious Parisian robbery, and Kim avoided her past Fashion Week because of her upset memories. North previously participated in the 2020 Paris Fashion Week.

Kim Kardashian’s grateful North is with her in Paris after the 2016 robbery – Hollywood Life

Source link Kim Kardashian’s grateful North is with her in Paris after the 2016 robbery – Hollywood Life

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