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The evolution of Kim Kardashian’s style is unmatched — but what about the changes in her wardrobe amid rumors of a divorce from Kanye West? Rounded up her best looks since the split drama began!

Kim Kardashian I’ve always been a fashion forward gal. Do you remember the days she shook her belted dress, velor jumpsuit, platform heels and oversized sunglasses with colorful frames? —Oh, the early 2000s was a fun time for fashion. As Kim climbed the ladder of real-life star fame, everything she wore became a trend and became one of the most prominent figures in fashion.But the real change in her wardrobe happened when she met her husband Kanye West..

After being unveiled in Romance in 2012, Kim and Kanye soon became one of Hollywood’s most beloved power couples. This is famous for being called “Kimie”.Rapper’s love for fashion and his high level position in the designer world, and his Yeezy The brand had a big impact on Kim — you took over your wife’s styling altogether and wiped out the famous thread closet that fans fell in love with in the early seasons. Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family.. Kim previously shared the story behind Kanye’s dominance over style and the story of throwing away 248 out of 250 pairs of shoes after she said she was the “worst style.”

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West at 2019 MetGala in New York City on May 6 (Photo courtesy of Doug Peters / STAR MAX / IPx)

Over the years, Kanye continued to change Kim’s bondage dresses, Prada style And Louis Vuitton A shoulder bag from the Yeezy collection in neutral tones. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw— And just like that, Kim’s style has evolved into a more sophisticated, (probably) more covered, dessert-tone overall look. She never gave up on plunging necklines, tights tops, and curving numbers, but Kim retired many of her old selves when Ye entered the photo.

But in her wardrobe, there is a quiet change that is ironically happening at the same time that her marriage to Kanye is collapsing. Kim wears sexy outfits and colorful prints, and brings back old-style classics such as the mini LV bags and flip-flops mentioned above. Rumors of paradise troubles among long-time lovers were agitated around Kim’s 40th birthday in late October. After the noisy and quiet November, rumors of division grew only in December, when she spent her vacation alone. By January, Kim and Kanye had become the center of serious divorce reports, but it is still underway. — The situation continues to get worse, so take a look at Kim’s new sultry style so far in December.

Kim showed us the look of this dark leather in a mini photo shoot on January 13th. In a series of stylish snaps, four mothers posed in oversized trousers and a dark brown blowfish jacket. But it was her hair that caught our attention. Kim looked great while playing a long straight rock styled with half-up and half-down high ponytails.

She was put in the closet and rocked the same hairstyle with this close-up snap shared on the same day as the previous post. Kim broke his smile, put his hand in his jeans pocket and posed. She wore a thin print top with a wide open chest.

Although this particular look was for Skim Sock Drops, January 14th, Kim offered an average mug like no other. Posing in brand new sheer tops and “against gravity” socks, it’s no exaggeration to say that she’s one of the sexiest snaps ever. This photo is also noteworthy as Kim didn’t wear a wedding ring. — This is the second time Kim has thrown away a wedding ring on a social media post this month (January).

Some argue that the holidays were lonely for Kim, who spent Christmas Eve and Christmas away from Kanye.She rang on her sister Cardassian’s favorite holiday Kourtney KardashianA house with her and your four children — North, 7, saint,Five, Chicago, 2, and Psalms, 1 — and the rest of the KarJenner family. Kim almost broke the internet (again) with this bare green corset and skirt. And don’t forget her magnificent “snatch snake braid”.

Kim accepted “FREEZ NSZN” with this snow snap during his pre-vacation vacation to Lake Tahoe in December due to the Kardashian family turmoil. The trip actually demonstrated Kim’s post-divorce reporting style. She wore orange and black tiger stripe pants and a coral crop top with a dark brown puffer fish. Kim also threw a double-piece signature of her signature.

favorite! Kim brought us back to the 90’s with this powder pink halter bodysuit that looks like it has a notch on the side. She paired her top with lightly washed blue jeans and her best accessories, her shining smile.

Double peace sign of victory again! Kim shared her “inner peace” on Instagram with this scenic snap from Lake Tahoe in December. She wore beige trousers with a matching tie and boot heels.The· KKW Beauty The founder seemed to be wearing a SKIMS nude long sleeve bodysuit.

We want to take a bikini photo of Kim Kardashian. On December 7, 2020, she provided two photos. In a green bikini, Kim embraced the outdoors of Lake Tahoe while soaking in an outdoor hot tub. If she knows, it’s a way to rock a little two-piece!

HollywoodLife We asked representatives of both Kim and Kanye for comment, but did not respond at the time of the first divorce report. We cannot independently verify the divorce report, and Kim and Kanye have not confirmed or addressed the claim.

Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Photographs in Kanye West’s Divorce Report – Hollywood Life

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