King County Council passes $12.59 billion biennial budget – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2020-11-21 04:30:00 –

The King County Council passed a biennial budget of $ 12.59 billion from 2021 to 2022 on November 17, making major investments in anti-racism programs, criminal law reforms, public health and community-based housing. Funded.

The approved budget represents a major investment in historic racism and repression, including the criminal law system. The Council approves a proposal to shift $ 4.6 million in marijuana excise tax revenue from law enforcement to a community-based program that helps reverse some of the disproportionate damage the drug war has done to the black community. Did.

Claudia, Chairman of the King County Council, said: Balducci. “We are currently making sound investments in programs and projects that are changing people, while positioning the county for a better and more equitable future.”

The council has added to the metro budget a requirement to rethink the obligations and operations of the traffic police and report on the future of fare collection. All of these are aimed at making transportation more equitable and accessible to all.

In addition to funding a $ 6 million or more restoration community pathway conversion program that provides comprehensive community-based services to 800 young people instead of criminal charges, the council also builds capabilities in the community. Added the requirement to spend $ 1.5 million to-based organizations involved in work related to the Responsive Community Transmutation Program.

The budget has helped transform law enforcement and criminal law systems, but the community has added $ 1.2 million and four full-time employees to support the expansion of electronic home surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also continued to invest in policies that help us stay safe. ..

In addition, as part of the budget, the council approves funding pre-training programs in two South King County school districts to improve the readiness of students for high-paying vocational and technical careers through hands-on training. Did. This funding is included as part of the county’s preferred employment program.

The budget includes a small sales tax hike, which allows the county to build permanent support housing for up to 2,000 people suffering from chronic homelessness. Approved measures generate $ 340 million, using a combination of 0.1% excise tax hike income, to buy existing hotels, motels and homes that are no longer in use and most need Promptly provide housing to people.

In addition, the approved budget is $ 1 million for the White Center Community HUB project, to extend the JustCARES program of the Public Defenders Association, which provides emergency housing and support services to individuals suffering from chronic homelessness at Pioneer Square 165. Invest in Community Engagement and Support Programs, Include $ 10,000 Chinatown / International District plans to extend the program to villages in Ballard Commons, Lake City, West Seattle Junction and other cities.

The budget also includes $ 2 million to support MIDD’s behavioral health and recovery program reduced by the loss of sales tax revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, due to unknown future federal funding at this time, the budget will add an additional $ 4.25 million per month to operate a COVID-19-related quarantine and quarantine facility in King County.

With the Metro facing a $ 200 million shortfall in expected sales tax revenue, a council-approved budget will allow transit to continue to provide critical services throughout the county and improve access for all. Works like.

The budget includes funding for youth ORCA card distribution and expansion of transportation education in schools, plans to reopen the RapidRide line, renewal of Access paratransit, and research on the feasibility of public transport-oriented development at Shoreline Park and Ride. And so on. More.

In addition, $ 500,000 is included to begin planning previously studied water taxi routes from Kenmore and Silshoal (Ballard).

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