King County Councilmember Dunn will challenge Rep. Kim Schrier for U.S. Congress seat – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-11-30 12:00:00 –

Reagan Dunn, who has just finished his fourth reelection victory at the King County Council, represents Washington’s highly competitive Eighth House of Representatives constituency with incumbent U.S. Congressman Kim Schlier (Democratic Party). Announced to challenge.

Republican Dan confirmed his mid-2022 candidacy on Monday’s phone call. The news of his candidacy was previously reported by the Seattle Times that day.

Dan said his decision to run for his current position was based on the skills he had acquired in the county council and his “deep concern” about the direction the United States was heading under current leadership. Stated.

“I’m worried that this country is probably showing the first signs of decline. I don’t want to leave the United States … it’s weaker than I’ve found,” Dan said.

Addressing substance abuse, crime, border security and government spending will be key pillars of his campaign, Dan said.

He will follow in the footsteps of his mother, Jennifer Dunn, who served six terms as a Republican on behalf of the Eighth Parliamentary District from 1993 to 2005. She died in 2007.

Dan’s campaign is chaired by former King County Sheriff and Day Brikert, a 7th District House of Representatives who retired from Congress in 2018.

In liberation from the campaign, Dan put the 2022 election into a “fight for the future” between Washington and the United States in “rising violent crimes, illicit drug influx … and uncontrollable government spending and inflation.” I threw it as.

The incumbent Kim Schrier’s second term (53 years old) is a pediatrician who entered politics during President Donald Trump’s era, and his representative at the time, Reichert, decided to abolish part of the Republican medical insurance system reform. I was dissatisfied with the intended treatment.

Schlier became the first Democrat to represent the 8th Parliamentary District since its founding in 1983, after slightly defeating Republican businessman and former MP Dino Rossi in 2018.

She won a similar re-election in 2020 against Republican US veterans and Amazon’s senior project manager Jesse Jensen. Schrier is currently a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Agricultural Commission, and was previously a member of the Education and Labor Relations Commission.

Schlier is already faced with a challenge from Jensen in 2022 and Matt Larkin, a lawyer who ran for Attorney General last year. Jensen, Larkin, and Dan (all Republicans) are aiming to bring the highly competitive District 8 back into the red.

Courier-Herald contacted Schrier’s campaign for comment on Dunn’s announcement.

Former federal prosecutor Dan has been representing District 9 of the Metropolitan King County Council since 2005 and is a local political fixture. District 9 covers the southeastern part of the county, from the tip of southern Bellevue to Inam Claw. Geographically, it covers most of the same area as the 8th Parliamentary District.

This year, Dan defeated King County Assemblyman, Democratic Challenger and Renton City Assemblyman Kim Carnes Van for another four years. If he loses his bid to Congress, Dan will simply stay in Congress.

But if he wins the parliamentary elections, Dan will have to vacate the council’s seat after sworn in Washington, DC in January 2023. At that point, King County executives will nominate three candidates, and the remaining members of the King County Council will appoint one of them.

Later, Dan became the second member of the family to represent Washington’s 8th Parliamentary District, and the possibility he admitted would add “a little extra fire to his belly” to his campaign.

“I grew up around the dinner table with my mom,” he said. “My mother was my best friend, my main ally, and the best leader …. I think she is proud of my decision to run.”

The 8th Parliamentary District is attracting public attention for another reason. The State Supreme Court needs to create a new parliamentary district map by April 30, and a recent proposal from the bipartisan State Subdivision Commission will significantly change the district’s geography. 8. Bring large chunks of Snohomish and King counties into the district.

These proposals are technically invalid as the Commission announced the day after the legal deadline of November 15. However, the Commission requested the Supreme Court to adopt the proposed map.

Reagan Dunn (R), Councilor of Metropolitan King County, will vie for a seat in the US House of Representatives with Kim Schlier (D), Washington’s 8th Congress District Representative.

King County Councilmember Dunn will challenge Rep. Kim Schrier for U.S. Congress seat Source link King County Councilmember Dunn will challenge Rep. Kim Schrier for U.S. Congress seat

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