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King G to open in Crossroads with help from crowdfunding – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-06-09 05:00:24 –

Overland Park, Kang — When King G, Bar and Delicatessen, will open this summer in Kansas City, Missouri’s Crossroads district. This is due to dozens of local investors.Owner Eric Flanagan uses a crowdfunding company Main Best for Raising Funds..

“Crowdfunding was like the last thing I saw,” Flanagan said.

The entrepreneur talked about Mainvest’s dedication. Help small businesses I persuaded him to try it.

Main best It often works by combining small investments into one big loan. Investors often expect to visit a business they support and want the business to succeed. When a business is successful, investors pay interest and get their money back. In the case of King G, investors are also eligible for benefits. Those who invest $ 1,000 will get 10% off the bar tabs forever.

“I want [investors] To make money, “Flanagan said. “If they are making money, we are making money. I think so.”

Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Mainvest has increased in use over the past six months as companies attempt to launch and recover from a pandemic.

“We are entering this world of rebuilding and regenerating the main street. That is, we are seeing new ventures between new and experienced entrepreneurs. It’s a lot of opportunities to start up, join the community directly and get the capital you need. On average, 200 to 500 people vote with their wallets and the business grows. Is strongly conscious of providing that value to the community and is given an incentive. “

Mainvest follows federal regulations, and Mathews points out that investments are always risky. But so far, about 97% of companies using Mainvest have achieved the expected rate of return.

King G It is located in a building on the northeast corner of 18th and Locust Street. Partially collapsed in 2018..

“If I didn’t feel so attached to the place and didn’t believe in the place and the neighborhood, everyone in this neighborhood would probably have been walking. [away]”Flanagan said. “But I love this place, so I never thought about it.”

The bar is named after King Gambrinus, the saint of beer and joy. It is mainly celebrated in European folklore. A two-story mural by King Gambrinus covers the walls inside the bar.

According to Flanagan, the bar will open late in the afternoon, but the connected delicatessen is open for lunch and open until night. Leaguer chef Howard Hannah helped make the sandwiches for sale.

According to Flanagan, the lower floor “pit” bar will be available for rent for private events and holiday parties.

King G is scheduled to open on Friday, August 6th.

Sign-up deadline Invest in King G via Mainvest Is Friday, June 11th.

King G to open in Crossroads with help from crowdfunding Source link King G to open in Crossroads with help from crowdfunding

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