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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-14 08:38:47 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —King’s Chapel will be “all-in”. This is a project where parishioners donate at least $ 21.21 to various community projects.

This year, the Church raised $ 306,000 to support 11 organizations and 14 different projects of those organizations.

One non-profit organization that benefits from this generosity Protect Omaha.. Its mission is to hire all regions of North Omaha and place families in the regions where they invest. These families are called “lighthouses”.

“When a lighthouse family moves into a neighborhood, safety really begins to become the culture of the neighborhood, as the crime rate in that neighborhood has been proven to drop by 75%. Not only does the neighborhood become safer. There is also a connection, “said Abide Executive Joey McCarnan.

Thanks to the church, Abide has earned $ 20,000 to support 20 different lighthouses in a nearby adoption model.

“Our dream is to adopt all the blocks in North Omaha. We have 735 blocks in our community. Our dream is to adopt all of them,” McCarnan said. I am.

We are getting closer and closer to making the area a bright place in the city.

“We want to tell a new story in the city center community,” McCarnan said.

Rev. Greg Griffith says that one of his church passions and calls is to become part of these areas. Starting this year, he faces the reality of a discrepancy between Omaha’s poverty and wealth.

“We need to love, care, be present and be part of the community, not because they come here, but because God has put us here,” Griffith said.

Griffith says the church is just practicing candid generosity, without expecting any reward.

“We want them to see that this is our calling. We want everyone to love wherever they are, wherever they are, what they are doing. We will be faithful to the Lord who called us, “Griffith said.

Next year, two churches will join this initiative.

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