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Fresno, California 2021-07-23 12:46:55 –

Hanford, CA (KFSN)-Kings County employees have accused district attorney Keith Fagandes of sexual harassment.

The allegations are detailed in a government claim filed against Kings County earlier this month.

Employees not nominated by Action News were in a high position at the District Attorney’s Office. Fagandes was his boss.

Employee lawyers “in the process of medical retirement” say Fagandes’ illegal activity began when the employee divorced in 2018.

At that time, allegedly, the employee moved to an apartment next to Fagund’s house. He tried to pay Fagundes for the apartment, but Fagundes refused to pay.

“Fagundes began repeatedly and improperly making unnecessary sexual remarks to the complainant and began sending numerous unsolicited sexual comments, hints, memes and photographs to the complainant (Fagundes’ request / Despite the request, the petitioner deleted these messages, but the petitioner saved about 5,000 text messages. From Fagundes.) “

Next, employee lawyers list examples that they describe as “extended patterns of fagandes and improper and illegal sexual harassment practices.”

Action News doesn’t explain many of the claims because of its graphics and / or vulgar nature, but some follow below.

“Fagundes repeatedly made sexual comments about the petitioner’s body and clothing …”

“Fagandez repeatedly touched the plaintiff in a sexual way.”

“Fagandez was blatantly and repeatedly staring at the plaintiff’s crotch.”

“Fagandez repeatedly discussed his sexual life with the plaintiff (ie,” My sexual life has improved a lot because you live here “) and” trusted “the plaintiff with this improvement.

“Fagundes sent a text message containing inappropriate pictograms (that is, kissing the face, kissing the lips) and asked the plaintiff to remove the text (the photo of the text to be deleted).”

“Fagandez sent a text message to plaintiffs about nude swimming and subsequent showers.”

“Fagundes bought underwear as a” gift “for the plaintiff. “

“Fagandez told the claimants that he” loved “he.”

According to lawyers, harassment continued even after the man left Fagund’s apartment in November 2019, despite “many calls for the suspension of Fagund.”

They added that their client’s decision to dismiss the angry Fagund worsened their relationship.

“Fagandez has begun to retaliate against plaintiffs, among other things, by continuously expelling him, ignoring / eliminating him, trying to control him finely, and violating the chain of command. About the information that the plaintiff was discussed, starting to have a personal meeting with his subordinates. Fagandes slowly deprived the plaintiff of his responsibilities / abilities and struggled to get the plaintiff to do his job. “

According to lawyers, employees were also denied voluntary demotion by Fagundes in March 2021. Employees then reported Fagundes’ actions to the county adviser and county risk manager.

The allegation is that “as a result of Fagund’s improper / illegal activity, the complainant begins to suffer from severe anxiety, panic attacks and other physical / psychological illnesses, and in counties with post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder. Diagnosed by a qualified panic officer. It stems directly from the actions of Fagandes. “

Attorneys alleged that the employee suffered serious damage from Kings County, saying, “The above county’s actions and omissions are general and special damage to the complainant, including but not limited to mental distress. ) And / or will result in it. And attorney’s fees). “

Employees are forced to retire at a young age and receive significantly discounted severance pay, they say.

“The claims made there are out of context,” Fagundos told Action News in an interview this afternoon. “They are mostly wrong. There may be some reality in his mind, but they too are largely misunderstood.”

Fagundos says he has no plans to resign. In fact, he says he plans to run for DA again in 2022.

“There was a crude joke in both directions,” said Maggie Melo, a lawyer at Fagandes. “And this is not uncommon … some jokes were exchanged and there was something like that. Sure, there’s nothing you can’t even see on Facebook or TV.”

The following is a brief statement from Kings County officials.
“The county noticed the mass media receiving a government tort claim (where Action News edited the plaintiff’s name). At this time, the county has not commented on the issue.

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