Kirtland police chief termination hearing – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-08-04 04:52:51 –

Kirtland, Ohio (WJW) – Two-day hearing on concerns about Ohio Cartland Police Chief Finished with 6-1 votes to finish Lance Nosse.

according to it FOX 8I team..

Mayor Submitted a notice of termination July 7, allegedly consumed alcohol before driving a city-issued vehicle, lied, neglected, sexual, ethnic, racial harassment, vulgar language, sexual and To the chief about violations, including cheating to use gender comments.

The council held a hearing in response to a letter of dismissal that began on Monday and continued on Tuesday night.

Nosse Previously planning to resign or retire, his lawyer said he had wage problems.

Use FOX8 to learn more about what happens next in Cartland after voting.

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