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Kite Border, Lifeguard Rescue 5 People After Boat Turns Near Belmont Shore • Long Beach Post News – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-03-07 19:31:12 –

Authorities and bystanders rescued several people floating in the water on Saturday afternoon after a 14-foot boat turned upside down from the shore near Belmont Shore.

Around 3 pm, long beach fire department spokesman Brian Fisk responded by guards on land and on the water, finding three on the capsized ship and two already on the beach.

He said no injuries were reported. Authorities used two rescue boats to turn the ship to the right and one of the rescue boats towed the ship to the Shoreline Marina rental company, he said.

Dognox, a long beach resident who saw the rescue, said the group was like a family., Including children.

Before authorities arrived, Knox said the area’s kiteboarders had noticed and rushed to family aides, pulling at least two people off the boat to the shore. They also warned the authorities, who rescued the rest from the water, Knox said.

He said he rescued San Diego’s kiteboarder Miguel Reina Campos and saw the boat capsize and some of his family were trapped under the boat. He hurried and saw two children drifting.

He said he had spoken to an underwater woman who confirmed that she was her mother, and she said she didn’t know how to swim. He saw the life jackets and brought the children, and he and another kiteboarder used the wind to pull them back to the shore individually.

Yesterday, the wind was unexpectedly strong, causing capsizing and “surprise,” he said.

“Experience, they will have it for the rest of their lives,” said Reina Campos.

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