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Klarna Raises New Funds, Value Approaching $ 46 Billion

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) giant Clarna Not only made a huge valuation of $ 45.6 billion, but also raised new capital in a deal that gave it a $ 14 billion higher than the last round of funding in March.


The deal has made Swedish companies more valued than many well-established European banks and is now the largest fintech business in Europe. It is also the second largest in the world after the electronic payment group Stripe.

The company has sold $ 639 million worth of new shares to existing investors, including Softbank, and their shareholders are clearly willing to pay a price premium.

BNPL continues to be popular in online retail, and fashion retailers are one of its largest users, motivating them to invest at higher prices.

And with new cash, it has the potential to grow further as the company plans to spend additional investment to help it expand internationally. In addition to its launch in Canada next week and its recent debut in France, it is planned to launch in two new markets this year.

In the markets already available, for example, our presence in the UK is accelerating, with 15 million customers using it. It has 90 million active users worldwide and is said to process 2 million transactions daily. Still, it remains in the red at this stage.

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Klarna Raises New Funds, Value Approaching $ 46 Billion

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