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Kliff Kingsbury Has Bears On His Post-Bye Mind – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Coach focused on the next game, not work rumors Darren Urban

Cliff Kingsbury was trapped “off the grid” in his movie room on Sunday, breaking down a football video and catching some of the other NFL actions in progress, as well as rushing the “Queen of the South”. I saw it.

“The game is late, but it’s one of the things I can’t stop watching,” said the Cardinals coach.

So when Adam Chefter said on Twitter that Kingsbury was one of the preferred candidates for a football job at the University of Oklahoma, which was suddenly vacant on Sunday afternoon, Kingsbury said he wasn’t affected at all. .. He added on Monday that the Cardinals are focusing on the Chicago Bears, who play goodbye on the streets this week. Kingsbury has a contract until 2022 and will have a team option in 2023.

Asked directly why he wouldn’t dismiss such speculation about another job, Kingsbury said, “I’m 9-2 years old during the season. (That’s not the topic I want to touch on right now.”

Focusing on post-buy is very important for the Cardinals, who have outperformed NFC in a few half-games with the Packers. Green Bay says goodbye this week. Packers (9-3) also own a tiebreaker between the teams, thanks to a direct victory earlier this season.

The Cardinals benefited from the Bears playing at Thanksgiving. The only day Kingsbury didn’t go to the office was the holiday itself, and on Friday his staff had already defeated the victory over the Lions in Chicago. This allows the card to install the game plan when the player returns on Monday.

But it’s not just the full installation that Kingsbury is looking forward to seeing in practice when the team returns to the field on Wednesday.

Coaches continue to hedge slightly when they return to quarterback Kyler Murray (ankle) and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (hamstring), subject to this week’s practice show.

“I have hope,” Kingsbury said of his two aggressive stars. “I want to move around, practice at full speed, see where they are, and where their level of comfort and self-confidence are, so I’ll leave that at this point.”

Kingsbury said guards Justin Pew and Max Garcia are also optimistic that they are ready for the Bears match.

In the past, Kingsbury talked about some of the college games that coaching didn’t miss, such as worrying about boys attending and hiring classes. He was again asked which part of the NFL game he likes as a coach on Monday.

“I enjoy the professionalism that these guys play games every day, are motivated, take care of their bodies, and study games,” Kingsbury said. “It encourages you to become a better coach and step up your game, because you know what you are talking about and that meeting at the level of expertise and trust from those people. Because it is better to enter the room.

The Cardinals lost the first game that came out of goodbye in each of Kingsbury’s first two seasons. It fell 34-7 to Rams in 2019 and 34-31 to Dolphins last season. Both of those games were at home.

The card has to go past goodbye this year, but it’s with King’sbury’s best team. I needed a break, and Kingsbury is confident that the focus is in the right place.

“The men are fresh and rejuvenating,” said Kingsbury. “They understand where we are this season and what we are coming to.”

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