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Knowing the warning signs for heat exhaustion – Valley Stream, New York

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Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – Humidity, as is often the case in late summer, makes it difficult for the body to cool and requires precautions to be taken.

Flynn Harrell, athletic director at Dorman High School, said he had plans.

“We are doing a few things to protect athletes,” Harrell said. [We] Practice in the morning, start at 8am and complete by 10:30 am. When school starts, you may have to practice 6 or 7 times in the evening. The second half of the day. “

So why is high humidity such a problem for athletes? Overheating.

“There is no way to evaporate. You keep sweating, but you don’t get cold. No matter how much you drink, its core body temperature keeps rising,” said Dr. Josh Stanton.

Heat exhaustion occurs when the body is unable to recover normally from activity.
Muscle cramps can be one of the first signs of heat exhaustion.

“If you like throwing and catching the ball, the muscles you use many times can start to hurt during practice,” said Dr. Stanton.

And it can be dangerous. Failure to take action can lead to heat stroke.

Dr. Stanton said it was time for your body to fail. The liver slows down and the heart does not pump blood. Experts tell you to stop doing what you are doing if you experience any of these symptoms.

“This is not what you can train. It’s just physics,” said Dr. Stanton. “Your body can get too hot, protein breaks, muscles fail, and it can be really dangerous.”

Dr. Stanton said it would cool down somewhere, remove layers of clothing and ask for help. Recovery can take up to 24 hours.

In the field, they are watching the situation carefully.

“There are wet-bulb thermometers that measure temperature, humidity, sun intensity, and wind through practice,” Flynn said.

These special thermometers can provide a good indicator of heat stress on the body.

According to Flynn, if there are signs of heat exhaustion during practice or a match, take immediate action.

“Our trainers are always looking for it,” Flynn said. “They enter our cooling pool, are covered with ice water and try to cool down. And at that point, if necessary, they are taken to a hospital where they have to drink more water. It may not be.

So the point is to know the signs and listen to your body.

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