KNP Complex Fire: More evacuation warnings issued in Tulare County; smoke worsens Valley air quality – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-09-22 15:23:45 –

Sequoia National Park, California (KFSN)-The Turea County Sheriff’s Office has issued more evacuation warnings after a large KNP complex fire broke out in the Sequoia National Forest.

Evacuation alerts have been issued at Eshom and Heartland camps, including Eshom Valley Drive from the south of Eshom Valley Drive to Tarbell Pocket, and North Mountain Road at 468 north of the county line.

Meanwhile, forced evacuation continues for some of the Three Rivers from Mineral King Drive to the border of Sequoia National Park.

Mineral King Road is closed. At this time, there are no changes to evacuation warnings or orders.

Wildfires caused by lightning are currently burning more than 28,000 acres without containment.

Air quality alerts from the National Weather Service will continue to apply to the Central Valley while smoke from the fire moves to the area.

Air quality alerts are valid until Thursday morning. The San Joaquin Valley air pollution control area warns smoke-affected residents to stay indoors as much as possible.

According to officials, flying a helicopter or plane to attack Tuesday’s flames was not possible due to smoky conditions, but haze has its advantages.

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“Smoke raises humidity and lowers temperature, so we cover the fire to keep it from becoming more active,” says Mark Garrett of KNP Complex Fire PIO. “If that smoke goes out and the blue sky, sun, and wind hit the fire, it’s more difficult for firefighters on the ground, but helicopters can also dive into the air to help those people. It’s also a balance. How. “

Authorities say the fire intensity has diminished as it has moved to areas of the Giant Forest area where the prescribed fire treatment had previously been completed. Its proactive efforts helped protect the iconic sequoia tree.

“If you have a healthy landscape and it has been treated for decades, the fire behavior can be very intense,” Garrett said. “But when you reach the open-burning footprint, the behavior changes, the length of the flame becomes shorter, and firefighters can actually attack it and manage it much easier.”

Kings Canyon National Park closed its gates on Tuesday as wildfires continued to spread. Sequoia National Park closed last week and other areas of the Sequoia National Forest, such as the Big Meadows and Lake Hume areas, are not open to the public until the end of the year.

Information officer Mark Garrett said about 1,000 employees from across the country are working on the fire 24 hours a day. Their top priority is to protect life and infrastructure, followed by trees.

“I think people are fine because they are here and really happy to be part of this fire just to protect the iconic trees,” Garrett said. “I haven’t lost any structures. I haven’t been injured. I don’t have any burning Sequoia, so I think it looks pretty good overall.”

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KNP Complex Fire: More evacuation warnings issued in Tulare County; smoke worsens Valley air quality Source link KNP Complex Fire: More evacuation warnings issued in Tulare County; smoke worsens Valley air quality

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