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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-13 18:35:03 –

DA Schmidt talked about the root cause, possible corrections to the increase in crime

DA Mike Schmidt, Multnomah County, April 22, 2021 (Pamplin Media Group)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —In an exclusive interview with KOIN 6 News, Multnomah County Attorney Mike Schmidt talks about topical topics such as the devastating vandalism that took place in downtown Portland late Tuesday night. I answered the question.

Schmidt, 41, was a central figure in the media while Portland tackled the problems of vandalism, gun violence, record murder, increased crime, and the homeless. Work involves criticism.

Some criticisms come from those who are aware that they have not done enough to prosecute those who have been accused of being victims of the demonstration. Break windows and scribble on Tuesday night.

“We will examine each case individually. We will assess its feasibility and the evidence we need, and we will still prosecute the case,” Schmidt told KOIN6News. Told. “That’s what we’re still trying to do. We don’t want to do that to the community, so we do. But when we’re considering how to allocate limited resources. Has more deputy DAs and more prosecutors in the gun violence unit. “

He said that much of the recent gun violence was due to domestic violence, escalating conflicts, and gangsters.

“Overall in all the cases we see, this is my unscientific assessment. I feel that more than a third is due to (gang violence). I think more than a third would probably be classified as a quarrel, which exploded in other conditions such as substance use and mental health, “he said.

He said the remaining one-third was due to a variety of factors, including domestic violence.

Schmidt added that he would like to see more research material. Asked if that meant more police officers, he avoided asking. He said it was a question for city leaders and PPB chief Chuck Ravel.

But he said Portland needed more services like Portland Street Response and talked a lot about the need for community services.

“What I want to see is the investigative resources put into this issue. I think we need more investigative resources for gun violence. We need to resolve these crimes. Yes, but I want to make it clear, police and prosecutors, we are part of the big picture, “he said.

KOIN One-on-One: Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt Source link KOIN One-on-One: Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt

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