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Konbea Belt Sushi becomes Dirty Dining repeat offender – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-25 09:39:43 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Conveyor belt sushi on Spring Mountain Road between Jones Boulevard. Lindel Road is a recurring criminal of dirty dining.

The restaurant holds dirty dining twice this year.

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The inspector visited the conveyor on November 10 and followed up on the complaint.

One customer said, “The conveyor belt is very slow. The fish are warm. My husband spit out a roll. They both ate a handful of tuna. The mine was cool but not good. I didn’t eat. I ate. I will continue. I am worried that I may get sick. “

In the complaint investigation, we discussed the operation of the sushi conveyor belt.

According to the report, the system allows food to stay at room temperature for up to 90 minutes. At 90 minutes, the microchip in the plate will automatically remove the food from the conveyor belt.

“The food may have warmed up on the conveyor belt, but it was in” public health time “and did not pose a health hazard,” the inspector wrote.

As a result, the complaint turned out to be invalid / unfounded.

However, while in the restaurant, the health district conducted a full inspection, leaving a “B” grade of 20 disadvantages on the conveyor. This is the best of all the restaurants inspected since that week.

One food handler touched the mochi ice cream with his bare hands, and another food handler touched the cooked beef with onions with his bare hands. I had to throw away both groceries. The inspector also said:

  • Employee cookies and open employee drinks were sitting on the cutting board of the make-up table.
  • Some containers kept clean were dirty with old food.
  • There was no disinfectant in the dishwasher, hotline bucket, and wipes in use.
  • Bananas were sliced ​​through skins and stickers.
  • At the beginning of the inspection, there was no designated person in charge.
  • And the floor under the deep fryer, behind the equipment, and the fryer itself was terribly dirty.

Konbea returned to the “A” grade with zero disadvantages on November 17th. The owner, Marie Park, did not return a message asking for comment.

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