Kourtney Kardashian Responds to Benny Drama’Punk’Video-Hollywood Life

Kourtney Kardashian responded to a favorite part of the viral video titled “Kourtney Goes Punk” created by comedian Benny Drama. It was a playful jab in Courtney’s romance with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker!

Kourtney KardashianThe 42-year-old is laughing with 600,000 other people who saw her new “punk” stage teasing viral skit. Keeping Up with the Kardashians Celebrity LifeStar romance with Blink 182 drummer Travis BarkerIn the video, comedian Benito Skinner (Also known as Benny Drama) — Famous for many of him Kardashian parody — Transformed into a punk rock courtney (completed with an early daughter-style tie, mesh top, and fishnet tights). “Today’s Pooh’s words are chaotic,” Benny (as Courtney) said before starting a hilarious one-liner montage.

“Travis, let’s go home and play the guitar hero,” Benny said in one part, singing to Blink-182’s classic “What’s My Age Again” (Anthem for 23) in another. I said this. “Addison, turn upOf course, this made fun of the fact that Courtney’s BFF was a TikTok star. Addison Ray, 20!

There were many other helpful parts. Benny is one of Court’s most popular taglines (“My mood right now is just to live”), “F–k the system and just live life.” “said. And when Benny said, “Kim, you’re just a capitalist,” the fans almost screamed in the comments.

But what Courtney found particularly interesting was not a joke, but Benny’s modification of himself. To undergo a complete coat transformation, Benny gave himself the pinnacle of a highly exaggerated, drawn widow. “It’s the peak of a widow for me,” Courtney commented, throwing a rock’n’roll sign.

Since going public with Travis in early 2021, Courtney’s approach to a more rock’n’roll life has been remarkable. She doesn’t mosh or rock fishnet tights, but she does post a lot of pictures of the hot PDA with NSFW and the bordering Travis. I put a tattoo on Travis!!

But one critic said Courtney Change her style To fit Travis’ aesthetic — and the founder of Pouch reminded fans that this wasn’t the case. In the photo of Courtney in a lace-trimmed cami, torn jeans, and fur-lined coat When I wrote below that “her style has begun to change,” the mother of three children said, “This photo is from 2019, but it’s okay.”

Kourtney Kardashian Responds to Benny Drama’Punk’Video-Hollywood Life

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