Kris Jenner once had sex with Caitlin while Chloe was under bed – Hollywood Life

Kris Jenner had worked with Caitlin in the “Hunky Punky” in the 90’s, and 10-year-old Khloe Kardashian was under the bed. The incident left her “traumatic”.

Chris And Caitlyn Jenner I used to have a “Hunky Punky” Chloe Kardashian I was under their bed. Yes, you are reading that right. The incident of Chris being “traumatic” occurred in the 90’s when she was still married to Caitlin. Her daughter, Chloe, was still a child. Chloe and her friend were playing hide-and-seek, looking for a fateful night. Chris appeared above and unraveled the rest of the annoying memories. Ellen’s Room Show March 24th.

“They hid under my bed and stayed there for a really long time, during which Bruce — at that time — and I went to bed and fell asleep,” Chris said of Caitlin in front of her. I explained by referring to the name. Migration.. But they didn’t sleep right away. Chris revealed that she and her ex “had a little humorous punky” while “the kids were still under the bed” (of course, they weren’t known at the time). did).

Chris was talking at a talk show during the day, so I couldn’t elaborate on it, but it’s safe to speculate that she meant. Sex.. “It was traumatic,” admitted Chris. She added. [Khloe] She has PTSD, so she didn’t bring it out. “

Chloe Kardashian can be seen here with Kris Jenner, her sister, Sophia Hutchins. [Instagram/@caitlynjenner]

Ellen asked Chris for more details — when did Chris and Caitlin notice that they had unwelcome bedroom visitors? “They were so scared that they stayed there for hours, and when they were convinced that we were both asleep in the middle of the night, they sneaked up,” Chris clearly recalled with fun. I did. She called the situation “terrible”, but admitted that the scenario almost hurt herself! “They wouldn’t have known what we were doing, but I They are old They understood that, “acknowledged Chris.

Chris did a good job of scaring Chloe to have sex “in the meantime” (the bedroom case) and one other thing.The· Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family The executive producer mentioned a sex talk with a much younger Chloe that Chris’ daughter had discussed in the ELLEN digital series. Ready parts Early March.

“I was very scared to get pregnant. That is, my parents scared me and made me look like” this is herpes “and showed me a photo,” Chloe told the host. Told. Sarah Hyland In the ELLEN series. Good American co-founder added, “I need to see all these visuals and if I had sex, that would happen to me.” At least Chloe has overcome all these sex-related horrors!

Kris Jenner once had sex with Caitlin while Chloe was under bed – Hollywood Life

Source link Kris Jenner once had sex with Caitlin while Chloe was under bed – Hollywood Life

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