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Kristen Bell Introduces Long Beach Dog Products Company ahead of Amazon’s Prime Day – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-06-04 16:12:07 –

Porcelain founder Kyle Gogen and actress Kristen Bell. screenshot.

One minute before an interview about his dog supplies business, Stuck Founder Kyle Gogen met with guest interviewer Kristen Bell. Actress and activist, famous for her role in “Forget Sarah Marshall” and “Frozen,” personalized a Long Beach-based company before Amazon’s Prime Day from June 21st to 22nd. I chose it.

“I thought it was an Amazon executive or something, but to be honest, I wasn’t very excited,” Goguen recalls. “Then she jumped on the phone, which was unexpected and exciting.”

It’s true that Bell was surprised, but Gogen quickly jumped into the interview.

“I’m a big fan of your work,” Bell told him. “I have a lot of dogs and [them] Paus truck. “

Goguen said of the establishment of Bell’s company: Goguen had a dog when he was in the fourth year of studying industrial and systems engineering at USC. I’m Tyson, a boxer. Gogen sought healthy, natural treats and chews for his puppies, but found that his options were limited and expensive.

Shortly after graduating in 2014, Gogen from Seal Beach moved to Long Beach and founded his company. After a rocky start containing a powerful wording stop letter on top of the company’s original name, “Canoodle Pets,” Pawstruck left and started running.

This business model focuses on sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Most of the products are manufactured in the United States, but Pawstruck obtains free-range pasture-grown South American beef, New Zealand lamb ears, and Canadian antlers.

“We select carefully and make sure we work with trusted partners,” says Goguen. “We provide quality and safety that can be safely given to your dog.”

Since its inception, the business has been strong and the pandemic has actually boosted sales of the company’s various products, including snacks and chews, grooming and cleaning, skin care, health and wellness, and even monthly subscription boxes.

“Many people had dogs during COVID,” Gogen said in an interview with Bell.

Porce truck founder Kyle Gogen and boxer Tyson. Courtesy photo.

COVID-19 did not stop the e-commerce business, but the virus changed business operations, Goguen said. Prior to the coronavirus, Porte Truck had office space near Long Beach Airport. However, the pandemic forced people to work from home, and Gougen gave up physical office space.

The combination of increased sales and the transition of the company to remote operations made it easier for Goguen to grow its staff.

“The core team members are still on Long Beach, but we’re hiring new talent across the United States,” says Goguen. “There are people everywhere in Washington, Georgia, and South Carolina.”

Goguen has grown to 30 staff and is undergoing further expansion, he said. The company has dozens of products under development that will be rolled out next year. Goguen is also considering entering the international market.

Pawstruck’s team is mostly female and was pleased to hear Bell’s enthusiasm for the company, Goguen said.

“They were crazy. They were very excited,” he said. “I jokingly asked if I could meet her and said I should hire her. It’s just fun.”

Since 2015, Amazon has hosted Prime Day, a two-day event featuring millions of products around the world. According to Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon’s global consumer business, Pawstruck Third-party sellers like this make up 60% of Amazon’s sales.

“COVID-19 poses many challenges to these businesses,” Clark said in a promotional video, “they showed amazing resilience and creativity.”

In 2020, Amazon invested $ 18 billion in logistics networks, tools, services, programs and staff to help sellers, Clark said, and hundreds of thousands of sellers have partnered with Amazon since the pandemic began. I added that.

Over the past year, third-party sellers have sold 3.7 billion products, according to Keri Cusick, head of Amazon’s small business enhancement team. Last year, the company introduced 250 new tools and services. We plan to invest another $ 100 million this year to support SMEs.

Not all of the company’s sales go through the Amazon shop, but Goguen said the partnership with the platform allowed him to see more products than he couldn’t achieve on his own. According to Goguen, Prime Day 2020 was 7.5 times more sales than normal, the highest sales day in the company’s history.

“We are trying to recreate the same success,” Gogen told Bell about the June 21st and 22nd events. “We have some bestsellers for trading to get more exposure and get into the mouth of more dog customers.”

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