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Kristin Cavallari Launches Uncommon Beauty, a Clean Skin Care Brand

Uncommon James, a jewelery company founded and led by TV personality Kristin Cavallari, has announced its expansion into cosmetics with the launch of the clean skin care brand Uncommon Beauty.

Uncommon Beauty is available on dedicated e-commerce sites and in Uncommon James stores-Photo: Uncommon Beauty

Free of parabens, phthalates and petroleum, Uncommon Beauty products are manufactured without the use of harsh and irritating ingredients and feature a concentrated formula rich in antioxidants. The launch collection was developed as a set of complementary products that form the basis of a healthy skin care routine and claim to offer a variety of anti-aging and cleansing properties.

The brand’s debut products include Daily Forming Powder Cleanser, Pineapple Peptide Nectar, Daily Water Cream, Triple Effect Eye Cream and Mango Lip Balm. Prices range from $ 15 for a 56-ounce mango lip balm to $ 62 for a 40 ml pineapple peptide nectar.

Cavallari decided to develop Uncommon Beauty after discovering that many leading skin care brands use harmful ingredients that don’t match her organic, health-conscious lifestyle.

“I wanted to find a clean skin care product that I could use with confidence and recommend to friends and family,” she said in the release. “I was shocked to learn that some of the high-end skin care products I was using contained harmful ingredients and started to create my own line. I am the official of my team. I’m really proud of it and came up with it. It’s a product that children can wear with peace of mind. I’m very happy to share what we’ve created. If you like the product as much as I do. I’m happy.”

Cavallari founded Uncommon James in 2017. Since then, jewelery brands have explored other categories, launching eyewear in collaboration with Diff and hair care in partnership with dpHUE.

Uncommon Beauty products can be purchased on a dedicated e-commerce platform and in Uncommon James stores.

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Kristin Cavallari Launches Uncommon Beauty, a Clean Skin Care Brand

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