Kristin Chenoweth forms “sister relationship” with Emma Roberts on “holiday”

Two peas in the pod! Kristin Chenoweth Opened about the bond she formed with her Holiday Co-stars including Emma Roberts..

“She wasn’t taller than me, so she broke her neck. I liked it. Second, I loved it. [that] There was a real sister relationship that we developed with Emma and me in that movie Jessica Capshaw“Chenowes, 52, said We weekly Exclusively on November 11th, promoting Kellogg’s Do it Yuleself campaign. “Cap is probably one of my best friends.”

The· Evil The actress also squirted about the co-star Frances Fisher And Shin Sheu“We had a really close group of women with power, and I’m really proud of it,” he added.

Holiday Emma Roberts and Kristin Chenoweth Steve Dietel / NETFLIX

To Holiday, Chenowes starring as Roberts’ character aunt. The holiday-themed romantic comedy that hit Netflix on October 28 was Sloan (Roberts) Jackson (Luke Bracey) To be a plus one for each other at holiday gatherings. Over time, the pair begins to develop real feelings for each other.

Holiday Focusing on the importance of being able to spend a vacation with a loved one — and Chenowes is no wonder about the concept. Her family has a particular tradition that her family has tried to preserve for years.

“When I was growing up, my mother was crazy about pottery. She made this beautiful Christmas pottery tree, and there are candles at each point …. We fire candles I said that we were most grateful, “she explained. We.. “The tradition has been lost a bit as I grew up and started working all the time. I don’t have a ceramic Christmas tree (probably in my parents’ attic), but I’m out. They come to me a lot because they know that. After this year’s work, I’ll be back in Oklahoma and be with me for the first time in a while. “

The· Gree Alum said he continues to practice the family candlelight tradition everywhere in the year.

“It may not be a ceramic Christmas tree, but I do candles and lights with the people I’m with,” she added. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a cast of a concert tour with me. It will take time. I’ll light a candle and thank you. I think this year will probably be the most important year I’ve ever had. I will. “

One of the recent traditions that Chenowes may do without this year is to exchange “little gifts” with her boyfriend. Josh Bryant.. “Are there any women who don’t want to be given Christmas gifts? But that means I really don’t need gifts this year,” she explained.

Chenowes’ love for Christmas led to her appearing in several Holiday films and dropping her 2008 album. A nice way to spend Christmas..If she had made more holiday-inspired music, the Broadway actress said she was “down” to work with. Ariana Grande, Co-starred “You Don’t Own Me” on the 2019 record For girls.. “I’m very lucky to be able to sing with her again,” she said.

Chenoweth recently partnered with Kelloggs to run a Do it Yuleself campaign. This campaign aims to provide quick and easy recipes for holiday snacks using branded crackers. “In my family, I don’t play around the holidays. When it comes to food, we eat — and I’m not a cook personally. I like what’s in the package.” She explained that the recipes featured on www.KelloggsFamilyRewards.com are “all different, all unique and cute.”

Report by Christina Garibaldi

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Kristin Chenoweth forms “sister relationship” with Emma Roberts on “holiday”

Source link Kristin Chenoweth forms “sister relationship” with Emma Roberts on “holiday”

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