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Kroger manager drove employee to suicide – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-07-13 09:00:13 –

Milford, Ohio — The manager of the Kroger Store in Milford, Ohio created a “disturbing, dangerous and confusing state” that ultimately led to employee suicide. According to a proceeding filed on Monday With a court clerk in Hamilton County.

Kroger’s dairy manager, Evan Seyfried, 40, said: “(a) A loyal Kroger employee who was reported to work daily during a pandemic ready to deliver high quality and safe products. But he suffered from his own boss in the building. He promised to keep all his customers and employees safe. ” Austin Lipuma, a lawyer for Seyfried’s father, Kenneth Seyfried, said in a news release.

“Like many in this community, his job at Kroger was his identity,” Li Puma said. “That was all for him.”

Evan Seyfried died “without a history of serious mental health concerns” on March 9. The proceedings state.. “Kroger deliberately exposed Evan to the painful situation that directly caused his death.”

The proceedings also launched a campaign to expel Evan from the grocery chain’s manager in Milford, Ohio, proclaiming his intention to make Evan’s life a “living hell” (October 2020). I’m blaming you for the instigated place.

“And from that point on, this is the fall of 2020, because he frankly refused to comply with dangerous acts,” Li Puma said. “Then, as I said, they targeted him with completely unexplained behavior.”

The proceedings alleged that the manager’s feud with Evan Seyfried partly arose from the concerns he raised regarding COVID-19, which led to “haze, taunting, bullying” and attempted to interfere with his work. ..

As part of the alleged bullying, Seyfried’s boss accused him of “ridiculing and humiliating” him for wearing a mask, in line with the company’s pandemic policy and because of his political beliefs. States.

“There is no other indication that Evan had a problem with a mental illness. There is no history of the problem,” Li Puma said. “And all the complaints up to that fateful day were solely due to those flashy stories taking place from that place.”

WCPO contacted a Kroger spokesperson on Monday afternoon with no response.

The proceedings seek a jury trial for multiple claims, including torts against the company and two designated managers. Conspiracy; Intentional mental distress of mental distress; Distress due to negligence of mental distress; Privacy invasion; Above all, sexual harassment, recklessness, intentional, and frustrated behavior.

“Also, knowing that Evan tried to whistle,” These are the people who are supposed to protect me. I’m trying to inform you, “we asked so many questions. I will do it, “said Li Puma.

This story was originally published by WCPO Pat La Fleur and Whitney Miller.

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