Kuala Lumpur, Singapore promises to keep supplies flowing throughout Causeway, government and economy

Wednesday, January 13, 2021-12:26 PM

Singapore and Malaysia have a common commitment to maintain an influx of supply from across Causeway-Singapore’s supply chain is set to move forward, according to Minister of International Trade and Industry Chan Chun Singh at the Zoom Media Conference Wednesday morning. It’s elastic enough to withstand the potential turmoil of Singapore.

In response to media questions, Mr. Chan said he was in contact with Malaysian responders after Kuala Lumpur declared a state of emergency and a mobility control order, and both sides continued the supply chain between the two countries. Agreed to work. And so far, he said there was no confusion.

“For the past two days, the supply chain hasn’t been disrupted and products have been free to flow between the two countries,” Chain reaffirmed in a subsequent Facebook post.

Mr Chan also noted that Singapore continues to promote diversification of sources, stockpiling and local production of essentials in anticipation of the turmoil caused by unexpected external developments. The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the effort more urgently over the past year, he said.

Mr Chan said the government is quietly confident, but not happy with the resilience of Singapore’s supply chain and is reviewing it daily.

The online media conference was called after the Minister visited DuPont Singapore. There, a major US chemical company announced that it had completed the construction of a new enzyme mixing plant here.

DuPont refused to reveal the cost of the investment, but Chang said the new facility “sustains traditional processes by reducing the use of chemicals and enabling energy efficiency, water efficiency and waste. It provides the Asia-Pacific region with advanced enzymes that improve sex. “

He said the new plant will bring new capabilities to Singapore and support efforts to build Singapore as a specialty chemical hub in the region.

According to him, specialty chemicals are a fast-growing business in the region and will provide Singaporeans with good jobs and high salaries.

Mr. Chan encourages global players in the industry to set up a shop in Singapore not only for investment incentives, but also for the close relationship between public laboratories and companies in research and development, the protection of intellectual property offered, and talent. He said he was more and more attracted to pools, supply reliability, and clusters of local supporters.

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