Kusumagraj Prathisthan

Kusumagraj Prathisthan

                                Kusumagraj Prathisthan

The city of Nasik is a popular city in India. It houses several structures of importance and is both historically and mythologically sound. The city has produced a large number of revolutionary indivisuals as well as people who made a difference in different fields. The famous Marathi poet and author Mr. V. V. Shriwaddkar alias Kusumagraj is one such facility. He was famous in the entire city of Nasik as well as countrywide.

About the establishment of Kusumagraj Prathisthan

Mr. V. V. Shriwaddkar had contributed in enhancing the Maharashtra’s cultural, social and literary life. He had opened doors for something very unique for the general public and provided a foundation people to excel through the establishment of Kusumagraj Prathisthan. Kusumagraj Prathisthan was formed in the year 1990 was formed by the people of Nasik in his memory in order to felicitate him. Kusumagraj Prathisthan was established in order to encourage and inspire cultural and social work.

Kusumagraj Prathisthan works towards stimulating work in literature, language, science and other arts. It is also an initiative to preserve the Kusumagraj’s work in literature.

Many admirers of Kusumagraj have donated huge amounts in the successful establishment and management of Kusumagraj Prathisthan.

Projects undertaken by Kusumagraj Prathisthan

Kusumagraj Prathisthan has initiated some very successful projects all aimed at the welfare of public and the needy.

Kesarinath Mhatre Reference Library and Children Library is housed in Kusumagraj Prathisthan. This library houses several reference books and a majority of books for children. In addition to this there exists popular books in Hindi, English and Marathi in here. Encyclopedias, magazines, weeklys in Marathi etc. also occupy the shelves of this library.

The main objective of establishment of Kesarinath Mhatre Reference Library and Children Library was to inculcate a reading habit amongst the young minds. Books can be a person’s best friend and they always have a lesson to teach. This organization very well understands the fact that reading books broadens one’s horizons. Thus, several efforts have been taken in order to make this vision a reality. Kusumagraj Prathisthan runs this project known as the Children’s Library Scheme which has led to the establishment of a good amount of libraries for children within the city of Nasik. One can access this facility free of cost.

Kusumagraj Prathisthan also runs a program for the Adivasi Community. Mr. V. V. Shriwaddkar had an inclination towards this community. He wanted the people of the adivasi community to rise and be at par with the world. Many a time people belonging to this sect get confined to their limited environment and don not get ample opportunities to excel. The Nasik district of Maharashtra is populated by Adivasis. Except a few regions most of this district is financially backward. In order to uplift their living standards Kusumagraj Prathisthan has set up a committee called Adivasi Karya Samiti which runs several programmes. This includes providing free medical help, creating libraries, arranging various sports, debate competitions, screening of movies, donation of land for cultivation, tailoring class, distribution of clothes etc. to the villagers. The main objective of Adivasi Karya Samitu is to ensure that these facilities reach the concerned masses.

In addition to all this Kusumagraj Prathisthan also oraganises other events like National Gantering of Multi lingual Students, Literary Seminar in Central Jail, Sahitya Bhushan Examination etc. These events have a unique aim and are carried out with outmost precision.

Kusumagraj Prathisthan is involved in humanitarian work. A visit to this place will definitely change one’s perspective towards life and make one realize the joy of giving. This organization has changed the loves many people and is still maintaining its legacy.

A Tourist’s Guide

Kusumagraj Prathisthan is open on all days of the week from 8 am to 8 pm. Entry is not ticketed here. One can easily find public transport in order to reach this place. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station. The nearest airport from Kusumagraj Prathisthan is Gandhinagar International Airport. Accommodation options are in abundance in the city of Nasik.

Folks who love to learn must visit Kusumagraj Prathisthan. The ambience of this place is that of knowledge and learning. Book lovers must visit this place and explore the whereabouts of Kusumagraj Prathisthan.

Vaagisha Singh

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