Kyah Simon’s strike in the second half was a one-on-one draw against Matildas against the United States.Matildas

On Saturday, it took Ashley Hatch 24 seconds to decide on the opening round for the United States. 3 days later Matildas It’s now 3 minutes 16 seconds without giving up to the exact same player. In the simplest definition, this is an improvement. Similarly, a one-on-one draw in Newcastle is better than a 3-0 defeat in Sydney.

Apart from that, there’s not much to say after these two friendly matches. Little has been learned more than we already know. Australia is free to play in the attack, but wrestles with the last ball. It’s also not complementary, but you’re free to play behind.

The series was, as manager Tony Gustafsson called, a “dress rehearsal” for the 2023 World Cup final. The balance of the match against the US team, which has lost many prominent veterans, can make them struggle to get even closer. Americans have been at the top of the FIFA rankings for 13 of the last 14 years. Their ruthless professionalism was supposed to offer the test of Australian costumes that beat them only once about four years ago.

However, Tuesday’s match was still less revealed, but it confirms existing vulnerabilities that have not yet been addressed before the January Asian Cup. Of course, the result is real currency, and it’s the team’s intent to attack that the host scored a goal from nothing in the last few minutes. Kia Simon will also be pleased with her distracted strike from the edge of the box. It will provide some comfort to the sitter she missed on Saturday.

But overall, Matildas finished the match with 16 to 8 shots (goal 7-2) and couldn’t admit more than Hatch’s flashy opener.

The scene was set for Homewin. Matildas scoring in Newcastle and a smooth pitch from the rain were the perfect platform. The crowd knew this clearly. All 20,459 people were moving with the sound of hitting the drums.

Samker in particular is prolific here, with five out of three games at McDonald Jones Stadium. The Chelsea striker was ready for a major outing, third only to Alexia Ptera and Jennifer Ermoso in this year’s Ballon d’Or feminine vote.

“I’m proud to be on that list and just in third place,” she said before the match. “It hasn’t really sunk yet, but I’m really proud and honored to have been in front of many great names.”

Carr could have given the audience what he wanted when he didn’t completely fill Ellie Carpenter’s fine cross in the second half of the first half, but the weekend women’s FA Cup against Arsenal and some of her teammates. I will return to England hungry prior to the final.

Samantha aims for a goal during the match in Newcastle. Photo: Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

There were also other bright sparks, including Haley Laso and Mary Fowler, and Claire Wheeler, who was lately introduced to the equalizer. Kyra Cooney-Cross also had a chance and was denied only by Casey Murphy’s fingertips after playing for 20 minutes.

But in the end, it was a bit difficult for the side of the world champion featuring Rose Lavelle and Lindsey Horan. They could be the winner in the 92nd minute and were determined to be offside.

Laso’s return to XI turned into a 70-minute Emily Fox hunt. The competition between the pairs and the raw physicality were comparable to the wider contest itself. He also tested Manchester City’s winger in both club and country for the past few months, testing Laso’s shoulders, who lost Fox’s entire body weight in one of countless clashes.

As part of her, Fowler, with the cunning and meticulous care of 18 years of challenge, passed the balls through the cars one after another and sang again. Especially the field connection with the captain is one of the most fun elements of this team in its current form. Of course, the obvious problem arises when one or both are not available.

Fowler and Kerr were described by Gustafsson before the match as two of his “core group of players” in this starting lineup, which raises the question: if this is the “core group”, the backup is Where is it?

The manager introduced some debuts in a recent window, but the overall look of the team remains the same, suggesting that depth can be an issue after the Asia Cup. The 2023 World Cup is no longer in the distant future.

This was considered a problem for the USA team. Its predominantly second string side was confirmed by Vratko Andnovsky’s decision to make the series shine with a few young players and maintain the same starting lineup except including Sophia Huerta. As a result, visitor efficiency was maintained and Lydia Williams was forced to repeatedly defend his goals, including a great dive to deny Lydia Williams.

The pressure increased and it seems that the second USA goal was in progress. Wheeler stole the ball from Ashley Sanchez, stopped it at Simon’s feet and began an aggressive move, bouncing over the alternatives Becky Sourbrunn and Murphy to the net.

Kyah Simon’s strike in the second half was a one-on-one draw against Matildas against the United States.Matildas

Source link Kyah Simon’s strike in the second half was a one-on-one draw against Matildas against the United States.Matildas

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