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Kenosha — A Kenosha County prosecutor said the 18-year-old white supremacist sign flashed while posing in the photo, drank a few beers, and was “loudly serenade” in the official Proud Boys song. After saying, I am trying to change the bond contract of Kyle Rittenhouse. Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, Bar.

Littenhaus, who was charged with shooting two people and injuring a third during protests and anxieties in Kenosha last summer, was released from Kenosha County Jail with a $ 2 million bond. The bond agreement does not currently restrict the Littenhouse from entering the bar or drinking alcohol, as minors are allowed with their Wisconsin parents. Hmm. It also does not interfere with friendships with known members of the white supremacist group. ..

In a motion to amend the Rittenhouse bond on Wednesday, the Kinosha County District Attorney’s Office details Rittenhouse’s visit to the Pazzy’s Pub with his mother on January 5. Rittenhaus stopped at Mount Pleasant Tavern shortly after acquitting him for murder in connection with the Kenosha shooting. A lawyer at Rittenhaus claims he fired a rifle for self-defense.

Prosecutors are currently requesting that Rittenhouse bonds be modified to include:

  • Defendants shall be prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol.
  • Defendants must not be present at facilities where alcohol is provided.
  • Defendants shall be prohibited from publicly displaying “white supremacist” or “white supremacist” signs, symbols, or gestures.
  • Defendants shall not come into contact with known militia members or known members of violent white supremacist groups or organizations, including but not limited to groups identified as “Proud Boys”.

Kinosha County District Attorney’s Office

According to a document from a Kenosha prospector on Wednesday, Rittenhaus, his mother, and some other adults arrived at Pazy’s pub. Local law enforcement agencies were soon informed that Rittenhaus was there and later collected surveillance videos and footage of his visit to the bar. [Those photos are included in this article]..

According to prosecutors, Rittenhaus stayed at the bar for about an hour and a half. He wore a T-shirt with the words “Free as F ***”.

After arriving outside at the bar, Rittenhaus took a picture with two other men in his group. According to prosecutors, in these photos, Rittenhaus and other men flashed the “OK” sign, which was adopted by white supremacists as a “white supremacist” sign.

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Kinosha County District Attorney’s Office

After posing for the photo, Rittenhaus entered the bar and was served beer by the bartender, Motion said. He drank a total of three beers when he was at Pudgy’s.

Within minutes of entering the bar, Rittenhaus “loudly” in the ambiguous song “Proud of Your Boy” written for the 1992 Disney movie “Aladdin” by five adult men in his group. It was “Serenade”.

Proud Boys, a white supremacist group, is actually named after the song, and Motion states that the song is sung by members of the group.

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Kinosha County District Attorney’s Office

Rittenhaus took a few more pictures with a man in the bar. In each of these photos, Rittenhaus and the other men flashed the “OK” sign used by white supremacists, according to prosecutors.

“Then, the defendant was with these” Proud Boys “all the time at the bar,” the motion said.

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Kinosha County District Attorney’s Office

Motion to fix the bond of Rittenhouse

Therefore, prosecutors argue in their motion that Rittenhouse should not be allowed to possess or consume alcohol first. They say they were 17 when the Rittenhaus allegedly shot three victims. He is now 18 years old and lives in Illinois. Its consumption can increase the likelihood of violent criminal activity-they argue, coupled with the reality that Rittenhaus has been accused of being the most serious crime in Wisconsin, a first-class deliberate murder. ..

Prosecutors also argue that Rittenhouse should be restricted from dating with known militia members or with known members of violent and white supremacist groups. They claim that the group advocated violence, was involved in extremist rallies and movements, and that its members were arrested for committing crimes.

The prosecutor wrote: “The defendant’s continued relationship with members of the group boasting violence, and the use of that symbol, increases the significant potential for future harm. In addition, this relationship threatens potential witnesses. In this case, I testify because my fellow defendants may be afraid to harm themselves or their families. “

Rittenhaus will return to the Kinosha County Courthouse on March 10 for a final pre-trial appearance.

This article was written by Jackson Danbeck for WTMJ.

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