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LA County is in the “yellow” layer of the Coronavirus Regulations.This is what it means • Long Beach Post News – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-05-04 15:39:23 –

Barbara Ferrer, director of public health at Los Angeles County, said on Tuesday that the county would prepare the latest health orders by Wednesday and take effect by Thursday.Among other changes, amusement parks, yoga studios, restaurants, aquariums, and even the first bar may be possible Expand indoor services..

A Long Beach spokesman with its own health department said the city is still working on plans to move to the yellow layer and details about local rules will be available later this week.

Long Beach usually matches its rules with LA County, and Feller said yesterday that the county was “quite significantly” consistent with state rules. In most cases, the mask should be worn indoors.

“We have a way to go before we can say that we have a sufficient level of community vaccination to return to normal life without fear,” Feller said on Tuesday morning at the LA County Supervisory Board. I said at the meeting.

Entry into the least restrictive phase of county reopening takes place just over a month before the state is expected to reopen its economy more completely on June 15 by removing almost all restrictions.

The supervisor, who was notified by a push alert that the county had moved to the yellow layer during the meeting on Tuesday morning, praised the progress.

Janice Khan, a supervisor representing District 4 of the county, including Long Beach, said:

Long Beach and county authorities can set stricter regulations, but some of the state guidelines under the yellow layer are:

  • amusement park: You can limit the indoor space to 25% and open it with a maximum capacity of 35%. Participation is still restricted to visitors in the state, but walk-up tickets are allowed to be purchased.
  • bar: It can be operated indoors for the first time without serving meals. If evidence of a negative test or complete vaccination is provided, the volume will be limited to 25% or 37.5%.
  • Bowling alley: If the COVID-19 test is negative or evidence of complete vaccination is provided, it can be opened in 50% or 75% volume.
  • Restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries: If a negative test or evidence of complete vaccination is shown, it can be opened indoors at 50% volume or 75%.
  • Museums, aquariums, zoos: You can open indoor operations at full capacity while still needing physical distance from the mask.
  • Land of worship: You can make changes and open it indoors with up to 50% capacity. However, state guidelines for place of worship capacity are not required, but highly recommended.
  • Endurance Events and Marathons: It can be opened with a total of 1,500 participants, with a maximum of 500 participants per hour. If negative tests or evidence of complete vaccination are provided, the maximum number of participants will increase to 3,000.
  • Sauna, spa, steam room: It can be opened with 50% capacity.
  • school: It can be fully resumed for direct instruction, but local school officials will decide when that will happen.
  • Concert venue: It is still closed.
  • Meeting: It can be opened with a ticket or guest list and assigned seats. Maximum outdoor capacity is 200, or 400 if all show evidence of a negative test or complete vaccination. The indoor capacity is limited to 200 people, with negative test results or evidence of complete vaccination.
  • Weddings and private events: Indoor and outdoor events are limited to a maximum of 200 people, or 400 if the event is outdoors and guests show evidence of a negative test or complete vaccination.
  • Gym and Yoga Studio: If evidence of a negative test or complete vaccination is provided, it can be opened in 50% volume or 75%.

A complete list of industry guidance can be found at. State COVID-19 website..

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