LA police sue for vaccination mandate as police across California threaten to resign | Los Angeles

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) employees have created a “hostile work environment” for unvaccinated individuals regarding the requirements for Covid-19 vaccination, whose mission is employee privacy and civil rights. I complained that I was infringing.

The proceedings are one of several aggressive challenges by police unions and police officers across California to mandate vaccines, some threatening mass resignations in response to new rules.It comes as a law enforcement staff Disproportionately high percentage of unvaccinated remains..

LA’s vaccination obligation requires city officials to be vaccinated by October 20 unless certain religious or medical exemptions have been approved.

Six LAPD employees over the weekend claimed in a federal complaint that their policies and their implementation violated their right to “physical integrity” and constituted “compulsory medical care.” Authorities have threatened to dismiss thousands of police officers who refused to obtain the jab, according to the complaint.

Joe Biden in the proceedings by the government Temporarily obligate Employers with more than 100 employees require workers to be vaccinated or tested weekly.

Public sector obligations have continued for months in the federal government and California, but some cities require employees to be vaccinated and cannot take regular tests instead. We are adopting stricter requirements.

The LA proceedings filed against the city, police chief, and several other government officials claim that weekly inspections are “very annoying.” After the deadline on Monday, police officers claim that they have not been given enough time to apply for an exemption.

It should allow police to submit antibody tests that show immunity given the high infection rate within the department, and masks and other “non-pharmaceutical” interventions allow unvaccinated police officers to work safely. It suggests that you can do it.But in the last few months, executives Repeated documentation Do not wear on-duty masks, including indoors and near arrested civilians.

“There are cities where we generally believe in vaccinations and wear masks, and we have the first responders who aren’t,” filmed police without masks and complained. LA activist William Goode said. “The proceedings reflect the culture of the department.”

A LAPD spokesperson declined to comment on the proceedings on Monday, but said that as of September 3, 47% of LAPD staff had been fully vaccinated and 54% had been vaccinated at least once. .. These figures are significantly lower than the proportion of the general population in LA County, where 76% of eligible residents received at least one dose.Covid has Killed 10 LAPD employeesIncludes a police officer who died during a delta outbreak within the agency last month.

Guardian last month Research Vaccination rates for police and orthodontic staff throughout the state were found to be significantly lower than in the surrounding communities. Since then, the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the largest state police agency in the United States, has recorded with Guardians that as of mid-August, only 47% of employees confirmed vaccination. I’m sharing.

LA is not the only city in California where law enforcement is struggling with vaccine requirements.In San Jose, the police and firefighting union Fighting the Vaccine Mission Similar to LA policy, it warns that rules can lead to labor shortages. A city spokesman said on Monday that 82% of sworn police officials were vaccinated almost at the rate of the community, and the city consulted with union leaders in formulating policies.

San Diego Police Union said last week that 45% of its employees were in an internal survey Rather dismissed Rather than complying with the vaccination requirements that the city is pursuing.Resistance comes in a few weeks director An online forum allegedly written by San Diego executives, who made headlines in the state. “I and another God-fearing patriot in this department are building a coalition of police officers who are willing to endanger everything in support of the freedom given by our God,” the author writes. I am. Tested.

LA is not the only city in California where law enforcement is struggling with vaccine requirements. Photo: Mike Break / Reuters

A San Diego spokesman confirmed on Monday that approximately 50% of police officers had been vaccinated as of last week, and the city is investigating whether the police officer’s post violates policy. Stated.

California Prison Guards – Some of the lowest law enforcement vaccination rates In the state, despite close contact with vulnerable populations, it is still today Finding New strict vaccination requirements.

Christina Ramirez, a professor of biostatistics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a public health expert, said she wasn’t surprised to learn that police vaccination rates were low. Other first responders, including some nurses, opposed the obligation by pointing out high levels of infection last year, she explained.Studies show that infectious diseases Leading to strong immunity, She said, but the CDC recommends that people be vaccinated regardless. The LAPD said last month that it had about 1,600 employees who were not vaccinated but had “innate immunity” against infectious diseases.

Legal experts say vaccine obligations Generally legal Religious and medical exemptions, courts recently Supported policy.. Health officials also say that vaccine obligations have long been in place for other infectious diseases.

Mike Feuer, a lawyer for the city of Los Angeles, said he was confident that the city would win the court battle. This is because they come into contact with unvaccinated first responders. “

Vicky Maze, a professor of psychology and health policy and management at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that mandates could help improve immunization rates and doctors resist unjustified medical exemption approvals. I said it would be.

She said the low rate of police would probably fuel further distrust of police in the color community. “Well, when you encounter the police, it’s not just a matter, do they shoot you? If they aren’t vaccinated, it’s a question of whether there is an additional risk of infection. Black men We know that we may be walking down the street, and the next thing you know is a dispute with the police. “

She added: [vaccination] It’s a great way to serve … but are you determined not to do it? “

LA police sue for vaccination mandate as police across California threaten to resign | Los Angeles

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