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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-08-04 20:06:17 –

Beattyville, Kentucky (LEX 18) —Lab tests show that Lee County water is safe to drink, but local authorities are currently facing a difficult battle to gain credibility.

After about 10 people reported water problems and virus posts by local representatives, the city of Beattyville sought to find out if they had polluted the water last week.

Mayor Scott Jackson said repeated tests are conducted daily by Beatty Bill Water. They do not determine that it is a system-wide problem, indicating that water is safe. But, as a reminder, the lab was taken from random locations throughout the county and sent to the Kentucky Water Department.

The results were shared on Tuesday afternoon. They show that pollutants in the water are at EPA-acceptable levels and are safe to drink.

“There will be no more problems that will get experts to find out what the problem is, upset people and worry about what can be fixed artificially,” Jackson said last Thursday.

Local officials like himself and Judge Lee County-Executive Chuck Cordill Jr. told the community to trust them and keep doing so

“The only fact we have is that there is constant testing of this water system, which says it is pathogen-free in this water,” Cordill said.

“I’m drinking water from the faucet of my house. Don’t get me wrong. But I’m watching. I don’t drink if it’s discolored, but I trust it if it’s clear.”

But Congressman Bill Wesley (R-91) sticks to his statement that water remains dangerous. He visits aquatic plants and reliable sources say he has had problems there for years.

“I don’t know how many tests they took. I know they were successful, but from what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t drink it,” Wesley said.

Wesley will continue to share the same message, telling followers of water complaints to meet at Beattyville Court on Monday at 6:30 pm.

“When all these people are complaining about problems, it doesn’t matter what those officials are saying,” Wesley said.

Both Jackson and Cordill agree that there is a problem, but I believe the problem is a local plant operating at an optimal level and can be improved with more resources.

“If it’s easy to manage, there’s no emergency, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we need more money to keep the plant running at optimal levels. We’re happy to work with you. A city to realize. “

But despite his reassurance, the region is now tackling the issue of distrust. Many residents say they haven’t drank water yet.

Serena Folkner lives in Beattyville with her husband and two sons with Down Syndrome. She will keep boiling water for them.

“For prevention only,” Forkner said. “To protect me, my son, and my family.”

Falkner says she needs more reports to start trusting it.

Lee County has applied for a grant to improve its water business. The Cleaner Water Program is funded by the Federal Coronavirus Relief Dollar.

If you live in Lee County and are experiencing discolored water, local authorities are asking you to save samples for them to test. Do not drink discolored water. The Water Department will come out and wash the system.

Governor Andy Beshear’s office has not responded to repeated requests for comments.

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