Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar’s Name Favorite Characteristic Christmas Movie

Countdown to Christmas It’s finally here — and We weekly Celebrating with Lacey chabert, Danica McKellar When Jordin Sparks.. Hallmark Channel’s 2021 lineup of three stars spills behind-the-scenes secrets and reflects their favorite holiday-themed television films over the years.

Chabert starred in 2021’s 11th Christmas movie — Castle Heart Christmas, Premiered on Saturday, November 27th.While she is in a hurry about shooting a movie with STo Art Townsend In Ireland, she named her 2020s when asked which of her flicks she deserves a sequel. Christmas waltz.

“They all have special meaning to me for a variety of reasons, but I have to say Christmas waltz It was one of my favorites “ Nasty girls The star admitted. “So if you’re doing a sequel, I think it would be really fun to see where those characters went and dance again. It was a really personal challenge and a lot of fun. It would be a lot of fun. And of course. , Sequel Castle Christmas Now my heart. I need a royal wedding. “

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According to Chabert, her Hallmark Channel Christmas movie production usually lasts 15 days.

“This was done very quickly. There were a few weeks of 6 days, then a shorter week,” she explained. “It’s hard to pack in 15 days and I’m surprised. It’s a true collaboration that brings everyone together, talented and made it happen. I’m always in awe.”

Sparks had a similar experience with her Hallmark debut, Christmas treasure, Will be broadcast on Sunday, November 7th.

“I shot it in three and a half weeks, so we did it pretty quickly.” American idol “The sun is shining 14 hours a day,” Alum said in Vancouver. “So we can get it all done in condensed time, as you know. I was definitely very tired, but we did it. It was fun. . “

Like Chabert Candace Cameronbure, McKeller It’s a countdown to Christmas classics. You, me, the Christmas tree, It will start the 2021 season on Friday, October 22nd. This is her seventh Christmas movie. NS Dollywood Christmas The star named the 2019 movie what she wants to revisit — “I love it Dolly Parton, I love Dollywood, I love everything. “—But she is also drawn to royal themed movies.

“”Christmas crown, I always thought it could use a sequel, “she said. We.. “It’s a fan favorite, my favorite, very royal and fun. Cinderella Talk. It was great to be governor because I like interacting with kids.But I love being a tree scientist [You, Me & The Christmas Trees]..Regarding my character’s career [over the years]Sure, I really wanted to understand what my character was diagnosing and why, so I did more research for this career than any other Christmas movie. “

Watch the video above to learn more about the countdown to Christmas.

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Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar’s Name Favorite Characteristic Christmas Movie

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