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Lack of youth mental health resources creating crisis – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Little Rock, Ark — Lisa Dunsby Williams loves connecting students in need with mental health resources.

“It’s hard to navigate some of the problems that many students and their families have as a result of a pandemic, whether it’s domestic violence within the family, the homeless, maybe mom, dad lost their job. “She said.

As needs grow, services diminish.

“The number of mental health professionals is limited. Some of the main issues are moving to different platforms to provide services. Burned out by pandemics and growing needs for services. Sometimes it’s gone, so that was a big problem. ”

The national recommendation for school counselors is one for every 250 students. According to the National Association of School Counselors, only 17.8% of school districts met that requirement. Pre-pandemic figures show that only 4.2% of urban school districts met it.

“We are steadily increasing the number of students, families, staff, and even managers who can introduce students and families,” said Alma Lopez, a school counselor at California Middle School.

“It was a challenge, you know, we’re putting in a few days and then a few days, so there’s definitely a need to have more mental health professionals in the school building so far It’s an essential need, “she said.

According to Lopez, the reduction in mental health stigma and increased awareness of lawmakers have helped. But she thinks more needs to be done, including the support of counselors.

“More people need to really understand the role of school counselors and mental health professionals in school buildings,” she said.

For mental health workers, whatever aid comes, they will appear for students and, even if everything is so uncertain, will be their coveted rock.

“Now there is a growing need to help my family, and if I can do that, that’s what I’m trying to do,” Williams said.

Lack of youth mental health resources creating crisis Source link Lack of youth mental health resources creating crisis

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