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With the arrival of 1973, Lady Gaga is keeping this wedding dress in storage. The pop star wore a vintage lace gown while filming Adam Driver “Gucci’s House” and her new movie scene in Rome.

Lady Gaga It looked like I was ready to walk the altar on April 7th. Instead, she was walking through a new crime drama movie set. Gucci house, In Rome. The 35-year-old actress and pop star wore a vintage lace wedding dress, sat down with a 70’s-style belt, and layered a matching lace shawl as she strolled through the movie set. It was a midi dress that stopped on her knees, giving her strapped pumps time to shine.

Lady Gaga wears a vintage wedding dress with a set of Gucci house, Was filmed in Rome, Italy on April 7, 2021. [MEGA]

Gaga is being painted in couture costumes one after another during the shoot. Gucci house, Played by the singer of “Rain On Me” Patrizia Reggiani, Gucci heir’s wife Maurizio Gucci (Who is playing Adam driver).For the film, the production was “accessed [Gucci] A historic archive of homes for wardrobes and props, “President of Italian fashion powerhouse, Marco Bizzarri, Said WWD.. Judging by the many high-fashion looks that Gaga has offered in the last few weeks, production seems to be taking full advantage of its privileges.

Gaga also looked part of the high-society twentieth-century social circle when he wore it. Retro mini dress For a romantic scene with her husband on the screen. On March 18th, I was photographed kissing while on a boat while rowing on the beautiful Lake Como in Italy outside Villa Barbiano.

The movie takes Gaga and Adam all over Italy. March 13th, Gaga Wearing another dress From the passing days of La Casa di Gucci Piazza Duomo, where she was portrayed feeding Adam pastries. For each of these scenes, Gaga wears a short brown wig to convey Patrizia’s distinctive hairstyle. However, Adam and Gaga stopped shooting and took pictures in costumes from another well-known brand (see above).

This is just Movies about fashion,However. It’s really about love and murder. Patrizia, a woman played by Gaga, was charged with attempting to murder her ex-husband after being killed by a hitman in 1995. Maurizio was put in jail for 29 years, but in 2016. Maurizio and Patrizia were married between 1973 and 1991.

Lady Gaga is wearing a wedding dress on the “Gucci House” set – Hollywood Life

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