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Lafayette library board names interim director, supports property tax renewal | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-02-23 01:15:00 –

On Monday, the Lafayette Parish Library Committee appointed a provisional librarian who will serve for six months before a permanent director is hired.

Danny Gillen, a librarian who has been with the Lafayette Parish Public Library for 13 years, is the only other applicant to serve as an interim director 18 days after the sudden retirement of the librarian on January 29, library management. Elected by the Board of Directors over Manager Larry Angel. Teresa Elberson.

Originally from New Orleans, Gilrane has been a librarian for over 30 years and is state accredited. He works for the former two librarians and is interested in applying for a full-time job.

Lafayette Parish librarian suddenly retires after clashing over voting programming

Elberson, the director since July 2016, suddenly retired four days after the library’s board refused to donate Louisiana for a humanities grant for a discussion of books on voting rights. According to some board members, the moderators were left-wing, and Elberson could not find a moderator to represent the conservative side of modern voting issues.

Gilaine and the Permanent Library Director are tasked with working with the Board to reduce budgets as the financial situation of the library system deteriorates. The library system started in 2018 with a savings of $ 40 million. The sequence of events from refusing to renew property taxes to removing $ 8 million from savings to spend on drainage and not carrying over the mill when property value declined today saved that savings 7 million. Reduced to dollars.

The moment he was appointed as interim director on Monday, Gilaine asked the board for time to make plans to deal with the financial situation. According to Gilaine, there is debate about job freezes and furloughs to cut costs, and if the board goes on, it could immerse itself in library savings.

One of the remaining two property taxes that fund the library system will be renewed next year and may take place in a vote on November 13.

The Lafayette Library Board opposes the refusal to grant voting rights and calls for conservative speakers

Former 11-year board member and former chairman Andrew Duhon advised the board to overcome the distractions of the voting rights controversy and focus on library funding. He said the library issue began in the spring of 2018, when voters refused to update the mileage, and did not begin in the fall of 2018, when the controversy over the proposed drag queen storytime event exploded.

Duhon assisted in the renewal of the mill on November 13 and advised the board to develop relationships with the councilors who decide whether to carry over the mill.

Library supporter Jean Menard, who lives outside the Parish of Lafayette, has been fixed in the past when some of the new library board members had not yet joined the board and were openly opposed to the purpose of the library. He said he was concerned about the renewal of property taxes and “actively fought.” program. She said the property taxes of the three libraries had been consistently renewed until 2018, when Blowbridge’s “political agents” began disinformation.

Menard urged board members to publicly state whether they would support future property tax renewals. Palombo, Stephanie Armbruster, Landon Boudreaux, Hilda Edmond, James Thomas and Joan Wingate said they would support the update.

Lafayette Library Board Kills Voting Right for “Far Left” Speakers

Judge Robert, who has attended the first meeting since being appointed to the board on February 9, has not reviewed the library’s financial information and gives him a “shot in uneducated darkness.” Refused to answer, saying that he was irresponsible. Answer. ”

The judge, who opposes the 2018 voice of the Drag Queen Storytime event, did not reveal on Monday whether he opposed the library’s 2018 tax renewal.

Arm Blaster, who also opposed the 2018 Drag Queen Storytime, was unclear during the meeting as to whether he opposed the tax renewal that year. She then said she opposed the 2018 update.

According to Armbruster, what changed was looking at his financial numbers. In 2018, she said she was asked about the construction of so many libraries, and if she had the money to run them with staff.

According to Armbruster, the library board must explain the need for the library to voters and advocate a renewal of the mill in November.

The resurrected Voting Rights Book Discussion Series will begin on March 10.Here’s how to participate

Lafayette library board names interim director, supports property tax renewal | News Source link Lafayette library board names interim director, supports property tax renewal | News

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