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Florence, South Carolina 2021-06-12 23:31:38 –

Lake City, South Carolina (WBTW) – Lake City volunteers cleaned up the trash on Wallace Street on Saturday morning. Seven-year-old Bowen Floyd organized this effort with the help of his mother, Olivia Floyd.

“I’m cleaning the trash. I feel good,” said Bowin Floyd. Olivia Floyd said she is always environmentally friendly. She said she frequently travels around the neighborhood to pick up trash, but wanted to help elsewhere in the town.

“A few months ago, Bowin randomly said on his way to school,” Mom, see all the trash on the road and we need to pick it up, “said Olivia Floyd. He forwarded me directly to the mayor and wondered “where in the community we can do this,” said Mayor Robis Anderson Jr., who was happy to help make it happen.

“Her mom called me out of the clear blue sky and said,’My daughter wants to get rid of the trash,'” Anderson said. She said, “Yes, and she’s very obsessed with this and she wants it to happen sooner.” They settled on Wallace Street. Floyd and her mother created videos and leaflets to promote the event.

“I found some of these at school, and some of these are my cousins, and some are my family,” Bowin Floyd said of the volunteers. Both her mother and the mayor were impressed with her initiative.

“At the age of seven, she is full of kindness, compassion and courage,” said Olivia Floyd. “I’m looking forward to what wonderful she does in her life,” she said, inspiring her daughter to be a better person.

“I already said I’m going to vote for her in the future,” Anderson said. Bowyn Floyd said he was happy with the turnout and thanked the volunteers for their participation.

Lake City 7-year-old organizes litter cleanup Source link Lake City 7-year-old organizes litter cleanup

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