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Redville, Colorado — A Lake County coroner in the midst of a major legal dispute after multiple attacks on Leadville’s funeral hall by law enforcement agencies filed his resignation late Friday. Learned Denver 7.

The resignation was submitted just hours before Denver 7 aired a dedicated body camera video showing an agent who found a rotten corpse in the basement of a funeral home. The coroner’s decision will take place days after Denver 7 knocked on the door of Reedville’s funeral home and sought an answer to what law enforcement revealed earlier this year.

In addition to his role as a coroner, Shannon Kent, along with his wife Stachy, ran six funeral homes in Colorado. Since his arrest by Silverthorn police in February, Kent has handed over his funeral home license to the state and agreed not to apply for a license again in Colorado.

Shannon will serve as a coroner for 90 days.

Kent was arrested on February 18 on suspicion of tampering with a dead human body after authorities found the body in a casket at Silverthorn’s funeral home.

Denver7 Investigates reviewed 12 body camera video clips from law enforcement agencies during a search of Kent’s Reedville home in October and February. In one of them, four bodies were found at the funeral home, including one that had been on the scene since 2013 and a baby that was severely disassembled and could not be identified.

Videos from both searches show a confused office with executives complaining about odors. One officer commented that the office needed to be blamed, and another called it a “house of horror.”

Former funeral hall director reacts

Brenda Lunyan has sold her family’s funeral home in Buena Vista to Kent.

“There is no fact, no explanation for this. There is no good reason for what he did and what he is doing to maintain his position as a coroner in Lake County. “She said. “I don’t know how this happened, but I hate it. It’s embarrassing.”

She also said Shannon Kent was liable to the people of Lake County.

“Mr. Kent, please explain. Please explain why you have an archaeological deceased. [for] Eight years in the basement, “she said. “Please explain it. Please explain why the baby in the casket rotted. Please explain it to me.”

Mary Caste, whose mother sold Kent at a plaster funeral home, called Shannon Kent a “snake in the grass” after seeing a body camera image in a search. She added that Kent’s handing over the funeral home license indicated that he was “guilty and did not act properly.”

Need quicker action?

According to records reviewed by Denver7 Investigates, complaints about Shannon Kent’s funeral home date back to 2018. A serious complaint was filed in early 2020, but Kent wasn’t closed until November, a few days after the first search for the family’s Reedville home.

Lake County Sheriff Amy Reyes told Denver 7 that he believed that faster action from the state could make a difference.

“I believe the lack of surveillance will take us to today’s place,” Reyes said. “I believe this wouldn’t have been a problem if they came out. If they came out and took more positive action, there would have been no casualties today.”

Karen McGavan, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs for Colorado Regulatory Authority, led an investigation into Kent’s practices. She told Denver 7 that a Colorado lawmaker’s decision limited her office’s ability to investigate the funeral industry.

“I think the only part that would certainly have allowed us to move faster was the laboratory,” McGavan said.

She added that Kenz’s proceedings were particularly difficult because of Shannon’s role as an elected civil servant.

“This case has always been difficult because Mr. Kent not only runs funeral homes in the area and crematoriums, but is also an elected coroner,” she said. To make it better. “

Denver7 tried to contact Kent at his home in Reedville, but couldn’t answer the door. The news crew noticed that his car was parked in front of him and saw someone looking out the window. A reporter left his business card at the front door.

Shannon’s resignation will be a little over a week after the visit.

Investigation into the Kent case continues.

When arrested in February, Shannon Kent was charged with breach of bail bondsman conditions resulting from his December 2019 arrest. He has also been charged with perjury after a grand jury charged him with acting as a deputy coroner in September 2019.

Sheriff Lake County buried an infant found in a funeral home casket earlier this week. They named him Baby Raymond.

Lake County coroner resigns after multiple raids by law enforcement on his Leadville funeral home Source link Lake County coroner resigns after multiple raids by law enforcement on his Leadville funeral home

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